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AlphaControls v12.22 (D5-D10.2/BCB6-BCB10.2) Retail

AlphaControls v12.22 (D5-D10.2/BCB6-BCB10.2) Retail
AlphaControls v12.22 (D5-D10.2/BCB6-BCB10.2) Retail

AlphaControls - a set of common and some unique components that support skins (AlphaSkins), as well as having some additional features. All skin elements can have their own properties for advanced drawing the gradient, realistic framework, semi-transparent and blurry shadows. Graphics functions produce all the calculations and drawing in real-time. Added property BoundLabel for editing elements. Handled various mouse events, which gives some additional features components. Manager prompts controls the tips in the application and gives them a beautiful view with a lot of settings that can be changed by a special designer. Analogs of standard components provide all the functionality and add a lot of new solutions to improve software quality and their appearance.

Delphi: 5 6 7 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 XE XE2 XE2 x64 XE3 XE3 x64 XE4 XE4 x64 XE5 XE5 x64 XE6 XE6 x64 XE7 XE7 x64 XE8 XE8 x64 10.0 Seattle 10.0 Seattle x64 10.1 Berlin 10.1 Berlin x64 10.2 Tokyo 10.2 Tokyo x64

C++ Builder: 6 2006 2007 2009 2010 XE XE2 XE3 XE4 XE5 XE6 XE7 XE8 10.1 Seattle 10.1 Berlin 10.2 Tokyo

AlphaControls v12.22 Stable released
* Added the PopupWidth property in TsComboBoxEx, TsColorBox, TsShellComboBox and TacCheckComboBox
* Fixed issue when DrawNonClientArea property is False
* Fixed some errors in the TsShellListView component
* Solved some issues in skinning of standard ScrollBox
* Solved issue with switching and activating of skins at the design-time
* Solved issue with using of the Glyph property in the TsRoundBtn component
* Improved support of the SKININDESIGN key (coloring of frames at the design-time)
* Showing of own hints for glyphs in ComboEdits implemented

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