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Optivec 6.5.9 D7-XE8

Optivec 6.5.9 D7-XE8
Optivec 6.5.9 D7-XE8

Most programs that process numerical data consist of loops. But loop overhead is unnecessarily slow. Replacing these loops by hand-optimized, Assembler-written vector functions and matrix routines speeds up program execution by up to a factor of 2-3 and also greatly enhances numerical accuracy.

OptiVecв„ў brings the Power of Vectorized Programming to the PC!

OptiVec is a complete, hand-optimized set of libraries with over 4000 vector and matrix functions, and complex-number math routines.
OptiVec contains the fully vectorized forms of all operators and math functions of C/C++/Pascal/Delphi for all integer and floating-point (including complex) data types, plus many other real and complex math functions and routines for statistics, analysis, FFT techniques, curve fitting, interpolations, vector and matrix algebra, matrix decomposition, and graphics.

In parts, OptiVec overlaps with the well-known BLAS and LINPACK libraries, but features an easier nomenclature and a generally more efficient implementation.

OptiVecв„ў Consists of 3 Groups of Functions:
VectorLib Vector functions
MatrixLib Matrix functions
CMATH Complex number math functions (also available separately)

The OptiVec libraries are static, no DLLs. This means only those functions which you actually need are linked into your application. Of course, you are free to include OptiVec functions in your DLLs, but there is no need to deal with yet another set of DLLs when you distribute your applications. As an exception to this principle, the CUDA-enabled OptiVec libraries require an additional DLL containing the actual CUDA code.

Target Compilers:

Currently available products:

OptiVec for C++ Builder / CMATH for C++ Builder: for the Embarcadero (former Borland and CodeGear) C/C++ compiler series (RAD Studio, Borland Development Suite, BC++ Builder)
OptiVec for Visual C++ / CMATH for Visual C++: for the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler series (all Visual Studio releases since 2005);
can also be used with the Windows release of Clang,
OptiVec for Delphi / CMATH for Delphi: for the Embarcadero (former Borland and CodeGear) Delphi compiler series (RAD Studio, Delphi 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE series, 10.x Seattle/Berlin/Tokyo)
OptiVec for Lazarus / FreePascal / CMATH for Lazarus / FreePascal: This newest addition to the family is for the 64-bit Windows target platform of Lazarus.

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