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TMS Web Controls Pack D7-D10.2 Tokyo

TMS Web Controls Pack D7-D10.2 Tokyo
TMS Web Controls Pack D7-D10.2 Tokyo

Makes building and uploading updates easy, reliable and fast UpdateBuilder is a timesaving tool to make building updates for the TWebUpdate component easier. UpdateBuilder can generate the correct .INF file that contains the specification of what parts of the application need to be downloaded and how. It will also compress files if specified or build complete CAB files that contain the updated application. On top of that, it can automatically upload the update to the server.

Feature overview

Provides automatic detection of new application versions and self updating mechanism
Can detect and download new versions via FTP,HTTP,HTTPS and file networks
Can update application, application components, application data
Can detect new versions based on version resource, date, checksum, size, custom version checks
Can do partial updates
Can show "What's new", EULA information during update process
Handles UAC on Windows Vista & Windows 7
Built-in optional wizard to guide through application update process
Very compact size and simple interface
Includes UpdateBuilder utility to easily create & automate update control files generation
Extensive customization capabilities for the update process
Can post custom data to a server for statistics, logging and authorization of updates

Connects or disconnects a machine from the Internet or checks its connection state with the IE API

TWebData uses the Wininet API to load HTML files and searches these files for information. Typical use is to let TWebData automatically scan a number of web pages for you and present the required data extracted from the page.
You can use it to automate downloading of stock quotes, weather forecast, site update dates, etc... and manage this information easily in your Delphi or C++Builder application. Also check the quote downloader demo under TAdvStringGrid

This graphic control can automatically retrieve and display JPEG, GIF, BMP images from a HTTP server in various modes, including stretched and tiled.

Can post form data or automatic collected data on a client machine to a webserver CGI, ISAPI or ASP application for easy remote collection of data, support or statistics.

TWebCopy uses the Wininet API to load the selected files via http, https or ftp from Intranet or Internet sites or can copy files by UNC name over the network. It features a progress / cancel dialog and threaded execution. (ASP script available to handle POST based HTTP uploads)
WebCopy can be configured to retrieve automatically only newer files w.r.t. to a configurable date.

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