SMReport Designer v1.96 Cracked - is a set of native VCL components which do not require any external libraries.

SMReport Designer v1.96 Cracked

SMReport Designer v1.96 Cracked
SMReport Designer v1.96 Cracked

SMReport is a set of native VCL components which do not require any external libraries. By implementing SMReport within your application you and your end-users will instantly have available a powerful tool for the creation of reports, lists, labels, forms etc... Just some of the features of the product are:

friendly interface
run-time designer
drag'n'drop functionality
customized preview dialog with zooming and magnifier capability
report wizards
wide report designing
conditional highlighting of variables and fields
unlimited data grouping
variables can be calculated on-the-fly (sum/count/average etc)
user variables for custom formulas
stretching feature
restrictions for end-users action (disable/enable the control change)
reports can be exported in many different formats including HTML, XML, PDF, CSV, Text, MS Excel, RTF, TIFF/bitmap/metafile and more
exposed interfaces to the report engine allow developers to add new printable controls (flow charts, for example) and export filters
multilingual interface

In the SMReport Explorer you can see hierarchical structure of your report (bands and controls), the dataset structure with field list, and system and custom variables/parameters.

Database independence
You can use any data as the source for your reports. Developers have full control over which variables, fields and other data are made available in the report designer. No external database connections are needed - you use current result set as the source for your report.

Custom report forms
The developer and/or end-user can create any required report form:
Report and Lists
You can create any report with data grouping, calculations, shapes, images, charts, barcodes etc
You can print address or product labels in a few seconds. Many types of barcode are supported (postal, for example) and graphics can be printed - there are no limitations
You can create and complete forms of any kind: tax forms, cheques or any other official documents...
You can create and print a grid/table with your data. Horizontal or vertical grid lines are printed.
You can generate reports using a Master/Detail relationship. Unlimited data grouping is possible, too.
You can print any restourant's menu or CD cover with extended graphics, automatic frames, backgrounds/watermarks - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
You can freely design the layout of your report - size, distance, spaces, horizontal/vertical alignment, transparency etc.

Wide reports can be designed, previewed and printed with automatic sheet/bar creation like in MS Excel (without any additional programming or designing).

System & user variables
You can use variables as the source for text printing, control highlighting, group expressions etc You can define any own complex formula or simple text description and use it throughtout the entire project.
You can calculate subtotals (per group, particular page or entire report) or use variables as condition for highlighting individual report areas (for example, to print in any debit debit amounts in red).

Within any expression you can use operators, system variables and custom variables in any combination.

Any complex custom formula can be saved as a user variable and can be used repeatedly in any part of your report.

The Expression Builder provides a user-friendly way of quickly and easily creating complex expressions.

More than 50 predefined functions are provided in 6 categories. Short description and parameter list are available for every function.

Any custom variable you create can be provided with short hint and description.

Unlimited group levels
You can create any number of levels of data grouping and define any custom condition for the display and processing of any group.
Every group header and footer can contain printable controls which can be reprinted on each new page.

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