TMS Logging v1.5.0.0 with Full Source Code

TMS Logging v1.5.0.0 with Full Source Code

TMS Logging v1.5.0.0 with Full Source Code
TMS Logging v1.5.0.0 with Full Source Code

Compact cross-platform logging framework offering informative log output to a flexible number of targets with a minimum amount of code.

Feature overview
Log to one or more output handlers such as the Console, HTML, Text file, CSV file, TCP/IP, Browser, Windows Event Log, ...
Heavily RTTI based for comprehensive type and class logging with simple log statements
Cross-platform: supports VCL Win32/Win64 apps and FMX Win32/Win64/macOS/iOS/Android apps
Class & property attribute based log output control & log output validation
Extensive & extensible data formatting capabilities
Multi-thread enabled & thread-safe
Includes options for time & delta time measurements
Runtime configurable log level
Log configuration persistence to file or registry
Helper methods to quickly setup custom output handlers and retrieve important information on the machine, device and application
Value validations to control logging based on attributes with a set of pre-defined validations such as value-range, date/time range, string length, regular expressions, ...
Easily extensible and customizable with custom output handlers
Separate TCP/IP Client included to view logger outputs remotely or TCP/IP server to log outputs of multiple client apps
IDE Plugin for adding missing units, inserting output handler registration code and toggling comments
Automatic exception logging
Interfaces to & Exceptionless cloud logging

New : TTMSLoggerBaseOutputHandler.LogLevelFilters property allows filtering log messages on a per-outputhandler basis.
: New: TLoggingWindowsConsoleOutputHandler outputs log messages to the Windows console window
: New: TLoggingSlackWebhookOutputHandler outputs log messages to a Slack channel through a incoming webhook.
: New: TLoggingMemoOutputHandler outputs log messges to a VCL TMemo control.

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