TFrameStand v.1.5 released! Brand new: TFormStand twin! Many other improvements as well:

TFrameStand v.1.5 released!

TFrameStand v.1.5 released!

Big new thing: TFormStand, twin of TFrameStand but using TForm descendants instead of TFrame ones as building blocks. Same concepts, similar features (most actually the same and shared through a general refactoring on the code).

Other changes:

deprecated parallel programming integration: TFrameStand.Show method used to take an anonymous as argument to execute it in background through a TTask instance. I've decided to streamline TFrameStand (and TFormStand) leaving out non-UI stuff like this. Please refer to demos\wait to learn how to refactor your code if you rely on this feature.
proper separation of packages (runtime/designtime) for 10.3 version (if you need support for earlier versions, just ask).
added a number of useful methods like CloseAll, CloseAllExcept, HideAndClose, HideAndCloseAll, HideAndCloseAllExcept, FrameInfo (various overload).
minor fixes and improvements.
I've tried to minimize impact of this (big) refactoring on projects using TFrameStand. You'll probably need to adjust your uses clause in order to also include SubjectStand everywhere you included FrameStand unit. This is because I've moved there some attributes definitions (now shared across TFrameStand and TFormStand).
Feel free to open an issue if you encounter problems migrating your code.

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