Download FMSoft uniGUI Complete Professional with Runtime & Theme Pack v1.90.0.1530

FMSoft uniGUI Complete Professional with Runtime & Theme Pack v1.90.0.1530

FMSoft uniGUI Complete Professional with Runtime & Theme Pack v1.90.0.1530
FMSoft uniGUI Complete Professional with Runtime & Theme Pack v1.90.0.1530

uniGUI Web Application Framework extends Web application development experience to a new dimension. uniGUI enables Delphi developers to create, design and debug web applications in IDE using a unique set of visual components. Each component is designed to provide same functionality of its counterpart visual component in Delphi VCL. This provides a very comfortable development environment very close to native VCL application development with an easy learning curve. uniGUI Web applications can be deployed to a server using one of the available deployment options such as Windows Service, Standalone Server or ISAPI Module.

Product Highlights:

Based on industry's most advanced jР°vascript library Sencha Ext JS.
Includes OEM license for Sencha Ext JS. (Please see licensing for details).
A unique platform to create stateful web applications.
Complete IDE support for creating projects, designing forms, frames and handling data modules.
Advanced support for scripting client side jР°vascript events.
Library core is fully optimized to achieve highest level of scalability.
Including advanced Stress Test Tool utility.
Comes with various deployment options: ISAPI Module, Standalone Server and Windows Service.
Supported Delphi versions: Turbo Delphi Pro, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, X5, XE6, XE7, XE8, Delphi 10 Seattle and 10.1 Berlin (Win32 & Win64 platforms).
C++ Builder supported.
Supported Browsers: IE 9+, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera

1.90.0 (Equinox)


[UNG-2783] - ReCaptcha
[UNG-2784] - ShowProgress
[UNG-2785] - IconCombobox
[UNG-2786] - PivotGrid
[UNG-2819] - NativeImageList - Image Files
[UNG-2826] - UniMap
[UNG-2848] - CalendarPanel (Mobile)
[UNG-2863] - Grid - RowWidget
[UNG-2877] - Grid - WidgetColumn
[UNG-2878] - Grid - WidgetColumn2
[UNG-2883] - FileUpload - Button
[UNG-2886] - FileUpload - Multiple
[UNG-2893] - NativeImageList - CustomFont
[UNG-2895] - Session Idle Timeout
[UNG-2910] - UniSweetAlert
[UNG-2911] - UniSweetAlert (Mobile)
[UNG-2915] - NestedList (Mobile)
[UNG-2924] - TagField & TagField - DB
[UNG-2961] - GridGrouping - Dynamic
[UNG-2972] - ComboBox - Modes
[UNG-2976] - Listbox - Checkbox
[UNG-2981] - UniEdit - Triggers (ButtonEdit)
[UNG-3014] - CanvasDemo - Mobile
[UNG-3017] - PaintDemo - Mobile
[UNG-3051] - Grid - Exporter
[UNG-3052] - Grid - Infinite Scroll
[UNG-3061] - FileUpload - DragDrop
[UNG-3053] - Grid - Infinite Scroll (Touch)


[UNG-2789] - TreeView, TreeGrids: New UseArrows property.
[UNG-2820] - Improved Exit procedure method for Standalone mode and HyperNodes
[UNG-2823] - Mime type for csv should be "text/csv"
[UNG-2828] - Improved JS event declarations to reduce source code size.
[UNG-2831] - UniServerModule: New soDontLoadJQueryLib option.
[UNG-2833] - Optimized deletion of JS event functions
[UNG-2835] - TUniImage: New FitWidth property.
[UNG-2837] - TUnimSelect: New Picker property.
[UNG-2842] - UniFileUpload: New ReleaseCacheFile method.
[UNG-2844] - TUniTimer: New Sequenced property.
[UNG-2855] - TUniForm: New BorderStyle.bsNoneSizeable option.
[UNG-2858] - uniDBGrid: New ClearFilters method.
[UNG-2874] - SSL DLLs upgraded to latest version.
[UNG-2879] - Server Control Panel: New "User Objects" resource monitor.
[UNG-2882] - TUniFileUpload: New Images, ImageIndex, ButtonOnly & ButtonWidth properties.
[UNG-2905] - unimDBGrid & unimDBListGrid: New ScrollToSelected property.
[UNG-2912] - TUnimNumberEdit and TUnimSpinner: New Decimals property.
[UNG-2916] - TUniNumberEdit: New BlankValue property.
[UNG-2943] - More detailed error message when there is a session timeout condition.
[UNG-2944] - New TUniGUISession.CurrentComponent property.
[UNG-2945] - Modified "Custom Exception" demo project.
[UNG-2953] - A specific error message will be shown when AllowMultipleIP is false and there is an IP change.
[UNG-2991] - Revised and improved installation instructions
[UNG-2993] - uniComboBox: IconItems synced with ItemIndex
[UNG-2994] - uniComboBox: Various IconItems improvements.
[UNG-2995] - uniComboBox: IconItems mixed with Items
[UNG-3001] - TUniTabSheet: New AutoScroll Property
[UNG-3006] - uniDBGrid: Changing PageSize at runtime.
[UNG-3018] - TUniCanvas: Support for touch devices.
[UNG-3021] - uniFileUpload: Optimized memory usage.


[UNG-2937] - Updated installation instructions for C++ Builder Win64 platform.
[UNG-2941] - Modified "Session List" demo project.
[UNG-3027] - SSL DLLS upgraded to the newest version 1.0.2u

New Feature

[UNG-2766] - New ShowProgress, UpdateProgress, HideProgress methods.
[UNG-2768] - HTML5 InputType property for UniXEdit controls
[UNG-2769] - UniDBGrid: New ColumnByName method.
[UNG-2770] - UniServerModule: New WhiteIPList property.
[UNG-2771] - UniMainModule: New Title property.
[UNG-2772] - UniDBGrid: New PagingBarAuxControl property. (Embedded control in PagingBar)
[UNG-2773] - New ShowToast method.
[UNG-2776] - UniComboBox: New IconItems property.
[UNG-2777] - New UniReCAPTCHA Component.
[UNG-2780] - UniPanel: New Background property.
[UNG-2781] - UniTabSheet, UniFrame: New Background property.
[UNG-2782] - New UniDBPivotGrid component.
[UNG-2796] - TUniListBox: New ScrollToSelected property.
[UNG-2797] - TUniListBox: New ScrollToRow method.
[UNG-2801] - TUniCanvas: New OnCanvasReady event.
[UNG-2806] - New JSCallDefer, JSCallGlobalDefer IUniJSInterface functions.
[UNG-2809] - New JSCreateVar, JSDeleteVar IUniJSInterface functions.
[UNG-2810] - New TJSObject.CreateLocal method.
[UNG-2816] - TUniBaseForm: New BlurActiveControl method.
[UNG-2818] - TUniNativeImageList: Ability to directly add images files
[UNG-2824] - New UniMap Component
[UNG-2843] - New UnimCalendarPanel component.
[UNG-2845] - New UnimFieldContainer component.
[UNG-2861] - uniDBGrid: New RowWidget porperty.
[UNG-2862] - uniDBGrid: New OnRowExpand/OnRowCollapse events
[UNG-2875] - uniDBGrid: New Column->WidgetColumn property.
[UNG-2876] - New Components: TUniProgressbarWidget, TUniSliderWidget, TUniSparklineLineWidget, TUniSparklineBarWidget, TUniSparklinePieWidget, TUniSparklineTriStateWidget, TUniButtonWidget
[UNG-2881] - New Component: TUniFileUploadButton
[UNG-2885] - New Component: TUnimFileUploadButton
[UNG-2887] - UniFileUpload: New MultipleFiles & MaxFiles properties.
[UNG-2892] - UniNativeImageList: Ability to add custom CSS font icons.
[UNG-2894] - UniServerModule: New IdleTimeoutSecs property.
[UNG-2901] - TUniScrollBox: New ScrollTo method.
[UNG-2909] - New Component: TUniSweetAlert
[UNG-2914] - TUnimNestedList: New Images property.
[UNG-2919] - New Theme: uni_sencha_triton
[UNG-2920] - New Theme: uni_sencha_classic
[UNG-2921] - New Component: TUniTagField
[UNG-2926] - New Theme: uni_aqua
[UNG-2928] - New Component: TUniDBTagField
[UNG-2929] - New Theme: uni_aqua_triton
[UNG-2938] - New Theme: uni_flat_black
[UNG-2939] - New Theme: uni_flat_black_triton
[UNG-2942] - UniServerModule: New GetSession method.
[UNG-2946] - New Theme: uni_ubuntu_neptune
[UNG-2948] - New Theme: uni_ubuntu_triton
[UNG-2951] - New Theme: uni_kde_neptune
[UNG-2952] - UniServerModule: New soLogSessionCreate & soLogSessionTerminate options.
[UNG-2955] - New Theme: uni_carbon_triton
[UNG-2956] - UniServerModule: New ServerLogger logIndySSLExceptions option.
[UNG-2959] - UniDBGrid: New Grouping.ShowGroupable property.
[UNG-2963] - New theme: uni_lavender
[UNG-2966] - New theme: uni_sencha2
[UNG-2968] - uniComboBox: New Mode property
[UNG-2969] - uniComboBox: Values will be used to store Items.
[UNG-2975] - TUniListBox: New ShowCheckBoxes property
[UNG-2979] - TUniEdit: New Triggers & Images properties.
[UNG-2980] - TUniEditTrigger: New HideOnReadOnly property.
[UNG-2985] - TUniListBox: New CheckBoxOnly property.
[UNG-2986] - TUniListBox: New SelectionMode and AllowDeselect properties.
[UNG-3003] - UniServerModule: New OnServerStartup event
[UNG-3004] - New Component: TUnimMap
[UNG-3011] - UniServerModule: New DontCompressDownloads option.
[UNG-3013] - New Component: TUnimCanvas
[UNG-3020] - uniComboBox: New NormalizeString property.
[UNG-3022] - uniFileUpload: New OptimizeMemoryUsage property.
[UNG-3026] - ServerModule: New soAutoRedirectHttps property
[UNG-3030] - uniScrollBox: New onscrollChange event.
[UNG-3036] - Upgrade to Ext JS 7.1.0
[UNG-3037] - UniServerModule: New FontAwesomeVersion option.
[UNG-3038] - New theme: Material
[UNG-3039] - TUniColorPalette: New UseDblClick event
[UNG-3040] - uniDBGrid: New BufferedStore property.
[UNG-3041] - unimDBGrid: New BufferedStore property.
[UNG-3042] - uniDBGrid: New Exporter property
[UNG-3043] - unimDBGrid: New Exporter property
[UNG-3044] - New Components: TUniGridExcelExporter, TUniGridCSVExporter, TUniGridTSVExporter, TUniGridXMLExporter, TUniGridHTMLExporter
[UNG-3045] - uniDBPivotGrid: New Configurator property
[UNG-3046] - uniDBPivotGrid: New DrillDown property
[UNG-3047] - uniDBPivotGrid: New RowSubTotalsPosition, RowGrandTotalsPosition, ColSubTotalsPosition, ColGrandTotalsPosition properties
[UNG-3048] - uniDBPivotGrid: New CollapsibleRows, CollapsibleColumns, ViewLayoutType, CalculateAsExcel properties
[UNG-3055] - UniNativeImageList: New uicoFontAwesomeRegular, uicoFontAwesomeSolid, uicoFontAwesomeBrands, uicoFontAwesomeLight, uicoFontAwesomeDuotone options.
[UNG-3056] - UniServerModule: New IncludeFontAwesome4 option.
[UNG-3057] - Upgrade to Ext JS 7.2.0
[UNG-3059] - uniFileUpload: New AllowDragDrop property.
[UNG-3060] - uniFileUpload: New ButtonVisible property.
[UNG-3062] - uniDBPivotGrid: New DrillDown: Columns, Title, Width, Height properties
[UNG-3066] - ServerModule: New OnParseAuthentication event.


[UNG-2767] - Event Editor can show duplicate events.
[UNG-2774] - UniTreeMenu: Calling Items.Clear causes memory issues when SourceMenu is assigned.
[UNG-2775] - TUnimSelect: ItemIndex issue when there is a blank item.
[UNG-2779] - Decimal & Thousand separators are not set in when login form is shown.
[UNG-2787] - HyperServer: Issue with handling windows messages in Nodes.
[UNG-2788] - Tree node expand issue in "uni_sencha" theme.
[UNG-2790] - TUniDBGrid: Column can't display numeric fields with literal characters in "DisplayFormat" property.
[UNG-2791] - UniDBGrid: Combobox editor sets "null" when AllowHtml is False.
[UNG-2792] - Issue with unassigned Background property of Frames and Forms.
[UNG-2793] - TUniPicture.ImageUrl method doesn't check for valid Graphics.
[UNG-2794] - UniDBGrid: Column moves to wrong index.
[UNG-2795] - Mobile Form Color is not applied.
[UNG-2798] - HyperServer: Node exit procedure issue.
[UNG-2799] - ISAPI: Automatic redirection to a mobile session adds additional parameters.
[UNG-2800] - TUniCanvas: FloodFill issue when called from code.
[UNG-2802] - Theme: uni_ubuntu focused button color issue.
[UNG-2803] - TUniDBGrid: Filtered grid and header height issue in Chrome.
[UNG-2804] - UniDBGrid: Selection is lost when columns are reconfigured.
[UNG-2805] - UniDBNavigator: Refresh Button should be enabled when dataset is readonly.
[UNG-2807] - UniDBGrid: Edit mode is not set when 0 entered in a blank field.
[UNG-2808] - HyperServer: SSL mode is not relayed to Nodes.
[UNG-2811] - Destroying uniDBGrid before data is loaded may cause JS error.
[UNG-2812] - UniDBGrid: Sometimes Bookmark object DataLink is not set to True.
[UNG-2813] - Build 1497: HyperServer binaries are compiled with wrong Resource file.
[UNG-2814] - Build 1497: Using an old license key causes runtime issues.
[UNG-2815] - UniDBVerticalGrid doesn't work in last Version:1.90.0 build 1497
[UNG-2817] - HyperServer: SSL mode relay implementation issue to HyperNodes
[UNG-2821] - uniDBGrid: Header is getting cropped when a new filter is dynamically added.
[UNG-2822] - UniDateTimePicker: Changing color in runtime issue
[UNG-2825] - Background issue with "uni_carbon" theme when input field has an invalid value
[UNG-2827] - Event functions should not be global vars (Causing memory leak)
[UNG-2829] - UniTreeMenu bug after upgrade to Ext JS 6.7.0
[UNG-2830] - uniDBPivotGrid: Missing JS files while loading the component
[UNG-2832] - Issue in build 1500 which avoids dynamic removal of events.
[UNG-2834] - Missing marker image files in UniMap demo.
[UNG-2836] - UniPanel placed on a UniDBGrid is not accessible.
[UNG-2838] - In some cases memory leak messages aren't shown in Standalone server.
[UNG-2839] - HyperServer: Redirection to a mobile session adds extra parameters to the Url
[UNG-2840] - uniDBGrid: Selection bug when option dgDontShowSelected is set and grid is refreshed.
[UNG-2841] - UniDateTimePicker: Changes in time are ignored when DateMode is dtmDateTime.
[UNG-2846] - TUnimFieldSet must sort components based on Y coordinate.
[UNG-2847] - TUnimForm: Property Visible is not published.
[UNG-2849] - TUnimForm: Bug when scrollable form is not in fullscreen mode.
[UNG-2850] - TUnimForm: Bug when scrollable height is smaller than form height.
[UNG-2851] - UniDateTimePicker: JS error when component is freed at runtime.
[UNG-2852] - unimUrlFrame component doesn't scroll when put in a scrollable container.
[UNG-2853] - TUnimForm: TitleFontColor is not applied.
[UNG-2854] - TUnimForm: Title background color issue.
[UNG-2856] - Windows message loop handle issue in Windows Service applications
[UNG-2857] - FastReports RichEdit objects are not visible in Windows Service mode.
[UNG-2859] - TUniTreeView: Issue when GetNextSibling/GetPrevSibling is called from a Node without a parent.
[UNG-2860] - uniDBPivotGrid: Does not show data when dataset is activated dynamically.
[UNG-2864] - uniDBGrid: MoveToRow() issue in build 1502.
[UNG-2865] - uniDBGrid: Stack overflow when RowWidget is used.
[UNG-2866] - DBControls: Modified is not called when control is updated remotely.
[UNG-2867] - Sometimes mobile chart VCL designer are missing.
[UNG-2868] - uniDBPivotGrid: Internal store is lost after grid is reloaded.
[UNG-2869] - Changing font style from blod to normal doesn't work at runtime.
[UNG-2870] - uniDBGrid: Bug when RowWidget is used in Paged mode.
[UNG-2871] - TUniEdit: Calling SelectAll immediately after setting its text fails.
[UNG-2872] - uniDBGrid: Selection bug when option dgDontShowSelected is set and grid is clicked.
[UNG-2873] - UniServerModule: Only user defined Bindings should be applied.
[UNG-2880] - In an StandAlone SSL server UniSession.SSL is always True even if session is non-SSL.
[UNG-2884] - uniDBGrid: Selection bug when option dgDontShowSelected is set and first row is clicked.
[UNG-2888] - New file upload component fails on ISAPI DLL.
[UNG-2889] - uniDBGrid: 1st row selection bug when option dgDontShowSelected is set
[UNG-2890] - UniFileUpload - Invalid Files state after uploading multiple files
[UNG-2891] - uniDBGrid: Selection bug when option dgDontShowSelected is set and selection mode is cells.
[UNG-2896] - uniDBGrid should not allow erasing selection in edit mode.
[UNG-2897] - uniDBGrid: Removing row should not trigger Selectionchange event.
[UNG-2898] - UniFileUpload: Files array should stay valid until next upload.
[UNG-2899] - HyperServer: Remote Upload issue.
[UNG-2900] - TUniScrollBox doesn't retain design time scroll positions.
[UNG-2902] - uniDBGrid: Header scrolls to first column when checkselect enabled and column has a filter.
[UNG-2903] - uniDBGrid: Filter editor width is incorrect if hidden panel is created before grid.
[UNG-2904] - unimDBGrid: Navigating in grid focuses on wrong row.
[UNG-2906] - _shmask_() error when target control is not visible.
[UNG-2907] - unimEdit: Property MaxLength is not publsihed.
[UNG-2908] - UniDBGrid: Issue when grouping is disabled and group fieldname changes.
[UNG-2913] - Grid issue when appended record is cancelled.
[UNG-2917] - uniDBGrid: Multi select issue when dgDontShowSelected option is set.
[UNG-2918] - UniFileUpload: Buttons are not placed correctly on big themes.
[UNG-2922] - TUniDBGrid: Page navigation bug when option [dgDontShowSelected] is set.
[UNG-2923] - Extra gap is shown in form title when form doesn't have an icon.
[UNG-2925] - TUnimURLFrame: Content does not scroll on iOS devices.
[UNG-2927] - Google Maps demos doesn't include a dedicated API key.
[UNG-2930] - uniDBGrid: Wrong row is focused when DB cursor is changed before grid is not loaded.
[UNG-2931] - UniChart: Problem with Radar series when ther are multiple series.
[UNG-2932] - UniChart: Min/Max in Axes has no effect in Radar series.
[UNG-2933] - In UniChart with multiple series OnSeriesClick event doesn't return correct series.
[UNG-2934] - TUniFileUploadButton: Height is not applied to button element.
[UNG-2935] - uniDBGrid: 12hr display mode doesn't show AM/PM correctly.
[UNG-2936] - C++ Builder issue when Win64 platform is chosen.
[UNG-2940] - ShowMessage text is not visible in Uni_Flat_Black theme.
[UNG-2947] - Disabled button text is not visible in theme uni_flat_black
[UNG-2949] - UniChart: Bug when click event on line series.
[UNG-2950] - UniChart: Broken event handling on some series types.
[UNG-2954] - TUnimMemo: Sometimes calling Clear method doesn't clear the memo.
[UNG-2957] - File Upload Components: Issue when files are uploaded multiple times.
[UNG-2958] - UniDBGrid: Grouping issue after moving columns.
[UNG-2960] - uniDBGrid: Duplicate sort field in OnSortColumn event when Grouping is enabled.
[UNG-2962] - License key decoding issue in some system locales.
[UNG-2964] - Issue with uniToolsxx.dproj files.
[UNG-2965] - Callback URL contains CR character.
[UNG-2967] - Possibility for resursive calls in uniDBGrid.MasterChange method.
[UNG-2970] - TUniPopupMenu issue when container form is in page mode.
[UNG-2971] - Bug in TUniDBGrid when a DBLookupCombo is editor and remote text contains "."
[UNG-2973] - Issue with fix for issue UNG-2902
[UNG-2974] - uniDBGrid: Error in build 1515 when grid has a ComboBox editor.
[UNG-2977] - Bug in TUniDBGrid when there are nested RowWidgets.
[UNG-2978] - TUniTimePicker bug in build 1515
[UNG-2982] - uniDBGrid: Bug in RowExpander when paged mode is enabled.
[UNG-2983] - uniDBGrid: Issue with RowExpander and row navigation
[UNG-2984] - Can't compile demo after upgrading to build 1518
[UNG-2987] - Problem with Clearbutton in ComboBox
[UNG-2988] - UniSweetAlert: Input options bug
[UNG-2989] - TUniSweetAlert: JS syntax error in IE
[UNG-2990] - TUnimNestedList: Selects wrong node in BackClick event.
[UNG-2992] - TUniCombobox HideDefaultTrigger is not working
[UNG-2996] - uniDBGrid: JS Error after RowWidget is freed.
[UNG-2997] - Issue with Delphi 10.3.1 and collections.
[UNG-2998] - DBLookup Controls should raise exception when there is a circular datasource reference.
[UNG-2999] - HyperSever: Issue when multiple HyperServer DLLs share same folder.
[UNG-3000] - Bug in build 1509 and later when time is edited in grid editor.
[UNG-3002] - TUniDBNavigator: Icon order changes after rearranging VisibleButtons.
[UNG-3005] - uniDBGrid: Dynamic Lock/Unlock Columns displays wrong Value 'ERROR_1'
[UNG-3007] - Execption in build 1522 when designtime form has a dbgrid.
[UNG-3008] - Critical issue while object disposal in grid action columns.
[UNG-3009] - UniFileUpload: Associated JSObject is not freed with the owner component.
[UNG-3010] - TUnimDBGrid: Cells painted in OnDrawColumnCell can not be resized.
[UNG-3012] - ComboBox ignores changes when same value is selected again.
[UNG-3015] - TUnimForm: In some cases TitleBar is not docked at top.
[UNG-3016] - TUnimForm: Height is calculated incorrectly when form is not fullscreen.
[UNG-3019] - HyperSever: Possibility of transporting cookies from a previous call.
[UNG-3023] - Issue with Google Chrome and OnBrowserClose event.
[UNG-3024] - TUniFileUpload: Property Overwrite has no effect.
[UNG-3025] - uniDBGrid issue when filtered dataset becomes empty after an edit.
[UNG-3028] - uniDBGrid: RowWidget collapse does not free the JS objects.
[UNG-3029] - uniDBGrid: RowWidget issue when it contains a grid.
[UNG-3031] - UniTreeView: Font property is ignored by nodes.
[UNG-3032] - File Upload: Overwrite bug
[UNG-3033] - TUniListBox: Issue with ie11
[UNG-3034] - Overwrite & TargetFolder properties are not published in UploadButton components.
[UNG-3035] - TUniDatetimePicker: Bug when timeformat is a non-default format.
[UNG-3049] - Data ajax requests should not be buffered in the send queue.
[UNG-3050] - uniDBGrid: JS error "a.isLoading is not a function" when loading data.
[UNG-3054] - Font Icons are not displayed when used in forms.
[UNG-3058] - UniDBGrid: LoadMask doesn't work for buffered grids.
[UNG-3063] - uniDBPivotGrid: Bug in assigning TopAxis properties.
[UNG-3064] - Installer issue on systems with non-english locale.
[UNG-3065] - Missing themes in build 1529

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