Download CBFS Storage 2020 v20.0.7453 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

CBFS Storage 2020 v20.0.7453 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

CBFS Storage 2020 v20.0.7453 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney
CBFS Storage 2020 v20.0.7453 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

An efficient development library enabling you to create and embed secure, fully-functional filesystems anywhere. CBFS Storage is an all-in-one file storage solution that allows you to create and embed a high-performance filesystem anywhere—hard drives, flash cards, custom-built hardware, database records, raw memory, and anywhere else data can be persisted. Your application will benefit from features such as automatic storage management, flexible mounting options, custom disk icons, PnP device emulation, multithreaded read/write operations, custom file attributes and tags, and more. Plus, the added peace of mind knowing that your data is secure thanks to built-in support for modern data encryption.

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Choose to make your data visible to the OS as a regular disk drive, or limit its accessibility so that only you and your application can see and manipulate it. CBFS Storage additionally allows you to embed structured storage within an application without the use of a disk, preventing any unwanted outside access.

Consolidate and Organize Multiple Files
By embedding a complete filesystem within a single file, CBFS Storage allows you to consolidate and organize your application's data rather than having it scattered across numerous files. Storing everything in one place decreases data fragmentation, and simplifies data maintenance (copying, moving, etc.) and disaster recovery. The self-contained nature of a CBFS Storage filesystem is also highly beneficial for use-cases that require fast access to many files at once, such as modern video games.

Maintain Data Integrity
CBFS Storage uses journaling to help maintain the integrity of your data. Anytime the filesystem's contents are changed (data is written, a directory is renamed, etc.), information about the change is recorded in a special log file internally. If the operation is interrupted unexpectedly, CBFS Storage uses this information to restore the filesystem's integrity. The fact that end-users don't have direct access to your data also affords it a certain level of protection, since it prevents accidental deletions and other unwanted modifications that could cause your application to misbehave.

Streamline Data Access
Applications that utilize a large number of files (documents, multimedia, code, etc.) typically end up sending many requests to the filesystem. This may have noticeable impacts on performance due to the specifics of typical filesystem drivers. CBFS Storage reduces the amount of time needed to access your data since its engine operates completely in user mode, and requires few calls to the filesystem.

Handle Compound File Formats
As the desire for "richer" user experiences continues to increase, it's not uncommon for applications to require file formats comprised of several independent parts, or that utilize some sort of embedded metadata. Video files, for example, typically contain not only video content, but also audio tracks and subtitles for one or more languages, plus additional metadata about the video itself. CBFS Storage provides features such as alternate data streams, application-defined attributes, and custom metadata; allowing you to work with compound file formats easily and efficiently.

Secure Data with Modern Encryption
CBFS Storage includes support for both per-file and whole-file-system encryption mechanisms, so that you—and your end-users—can be confident that your application's data is safe and secure at all times. Applications may rely on either the modern cryptographic algorithms that come built-in, or provide their own encryption implementation via well-defined extension points in the CBFS Storage API.

Native Delphi Components
Native Delphi components with no external dependencies, based on the same high-performance codebase as our other editions. The natural choice for Delphi programming.

Delphi VCL components built atop our high-performance shared codebase.
Extensive Delphi demo applications.
Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
Supports Embarcadero Delphi 6, 7, 2005 - 2010, and RAD Studio XE through 10.4; plus Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal.
Supports Windows Vista / Server 2008 and later.

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