Download CBFS Disk 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

CBFS Disk 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

CBFS Disk 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney
CBFS Disk 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

A library for creating and managing virtual disk drives backed by standalone datastores. CBFS Disk allows you to create virtual disk drives formatted as FAT, NTFS, or any other filesystem with just a few lines of code. The contents of each virtual disk drive are stored in a single contiguous block of data, managed by the CBFS Disk system driver itself. All your application has to do is decide where to store it, and then handle read and write requests performed on it. It's that easy.

Easy-to-Use Integration Features

Store Data Anywhere

The contents of each virtual disk drive are exposed to your application as a single block of data, which you're free to store anywhere—in memory, on a local storage device, in remote locations, or anywhere else your application has access to.
Create Virtual Snapshots

Since your application controls where the virtual disk drive's contents are stored, it can easily "snapshot" the disk at any time. Such snapshots allow your application to easily roll back the entire disk to an earlier state if necessary.
Simple Deployment

The simplified deployment scheme eliminates architecture detection and potential errors. A single CAB file contains all of the drivers and Helper DLLs that are necessary for driver installation.
Flexible Mounting Options

Includes support for network mounting points, session-local mounting points, PnP device emulation, and UNC paths. Mount disks as fixed or removable. Multiple mounting points per disk are supported.
Encrypt Everything

CBFS Disk's event-driven design makes it easy for your application to implement whole-disk encryption that operates on-the-fly. End-users will have peace of mind knowing that their data is secure.
Simple API

The CBFS Disk system driver handles all of the complexities, so its API is simple and easy-to-use. Once a virtual disk drive is created, your application can use standard file APIs to handle the required events.

Native Delphi Components
Native Delphi components with no external dependencies, based on the same high-performance codebase as our other editions. The natural choice for Delphi programming.

Delphi VCL components built atop our high-performance shared codebase.
Extensive Delphi demo applications.
Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
Supports Embarcadero Delphi 6, 7, 2005 - 2010, and RAD Studio XE through 10.4; plus Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal.
Supports Windows Vista / Server 2008 and later.

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