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TwineCompile 5.2

TwineCompile 5.2
TwineCompile 5.2

TwineCompile is a compiler-wrapper for C++Builder that decreases compile times significantly. TwineCompile does NOT require a multi-chip/core machine, however having a multi-chip/core machine decreases compile times by half or more.

IDE Support
If you select one or more IDEs in the setup, the installer will automatically install the TwineCompile plugin into those IDEs. This plugin will "hook" the compile, make and build commands in the selected IDEs, so that all compiles will now use TwineCompile.

The plugin will add a new menu "TwineCompile" into the IDE menu bar. In that menu, you will find the commands below:

Options: Use this to configure the various TwineCompile options.
Clear File Cache: If you click this item, all running executor's cache will be cleared.
Close Executors: This command will close all running executors.
In BCB 4, 5, 6 and 2006, the plugin will also add a menu item "TwineCompile Export Makefile" to the Project menu, so that you can create make compatible makefiles to batch and command-line build C++Builder projects.

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