Download PrintDAT! Report Component 1.81.00

PrintDAT! Report Component 1.81.00

PrintDAT! Report Component 1.81.00
PrintDAT! Report Component 1.81.00

Stop creating reports the old fashioned way!

Make all your grids, tables, queries, lists, printable.
Print the reports to the printer, text file, or export it to a csv file
so it can be imported into a spreadsheet.
Create reports in less than 30 seconds with just 1 line of code:
1) Drop our PrintDAT component onto a form that has a grid or dataset
2) Add "TpdtPrintDAT1.Print;" to a button and you're done.

Create grid reports 50x faster than conventional reporting tools!
It takes just 30 seconds and 1 line of code. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Drop a TpdtPrintDAT component on your form
Give it the name of the grid to print
Add "pdtPrintDAT1.Print" to a button.
and you're done. Compile and run your program.
PrintDAT! makes you more productive
because it has the features programmers want.

Print TdbGrid, TStringGrid. TTable, TQuery,
TDecisionGrid, TDecisionQuery, TwwDBGrid, TwwTable, TwwQuery, T_IBGrid and T_IBQuery.

Print from these databases: DBISAM, Advantage, Topaz, FlashFiler, BDE, Apollo, CodeBase, DiamondAccess, DiamondADO or any TDataset compatible component

Print super wide grids, 1000+ columns across using horiz. page breaks

Create column totals with 1 mouse click. Choose from Count, Sum, Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation and Variance.

Output to screen (built-in report viewer with zoom), printer, text file, clipboard.

Add report titles and footers at runtime.

Print memos and long strings by word-wrapping within a cell!

For the first time ever, print your TDecisionGrid (DecisionCube) and the summarized data (TDecisionQuery) that went into making it.

Export any grid, including dbGrids, StringGrids, DecisionGrids, TTable, TQuery to any spreadsheet like MS Excel, to other databases or to graphics programs using ASCII delimited file output.

Autosizes the grid column widths. Auto-fits grid to page.

Shrink to Page and Expand To Page

Newspaper Panels to snake narrow grids across page

Report passwords

Super fast printing 10+ pages/sec (to a text file)

No DLL's or Active-X to worry about. Written in VCL.

PrintDAT! is compatible with these third party tools

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