Download OXml v2.9 for Delphi 5 -10.4 Sydney Crack

OXml v2.9 for Delphi 5 -10.4 Sydney Crack

OXml v2.9 for Delphi 5 -10.4 Sydney Crack
OXml v2.9 for Delphi 5 -10.4 Sydney Crack

OXml is a new XML library for Delphi and Lazarus, developed in late 2013. I took some inspiration from OmniXML but wrote the library completely from scratch. The aim of OXml is to be the most versatile and fastest XML library for the Pascal language.

OXml base features:

XML DOM with XPath and namespace support
sequential XML DOM parser
XML SAX parser with class handlers for specific objects
XML serializer (with and without enhanced RTTI)
direct XML reader/writer
vendor for Delphi's XmlIntf.TXMLDocument
fast buffered text reader and writer with encoding support
lots of useful helper classes like integer and string lists and dictionaries
encoding support for pre-2009 Delphi
OJson extension features:

JSON Tree ("DOM") with JSONPath support
JSON Event ("SAX") parser with class handlers for specific objects
direct JSON reader and writer with JSON serialization and deserialization
RTTI serialization/deserialization of JSON objects
JSON to XML conversion
OXml DataBinding extension features:

Create object pascal binding to complex XSD documents.
XSL transformation engine (XSLT).
OXml supports all Delphi versions starting from Delphi 5 on all platforms: Win32, Win64, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux.

Version 2.9 2020-07-23
- breaking change/fix: DOM: fix NameSpaceURI for attributes (2.8 and older reported wrong namespaces for unprefixed attributes)
- new feature: XSL transformation engine (XSLT)
- new feature: JSONToXML converter (OJsonPXml.pas)
- DataBinding: support union simpleType
- JSONPath: support * in arrays
- DOMVendor: don't write BOM
- OXmlPDOM: correctly clear fTempAttributeIndex
- ISOTryStrToDate: allow time zone acording to XSD specification
- ISOTryStrToDate: new overload to return time zone information
- OJsonPTree: public CloneNode/Append/InsertBefore/Remove
- XPath: comment(), processing-instruction()
- XPath: fix performance bottleneck: use global function dictionary

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