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QuickLib 2.1
QuickLib 2.1

Small delphi/Firemonkey(Windows, Linux, Android, OSX & IOS) and fpc(Windows & Linux) library containing interesting and quick to implement functions, created to simplify application development and crossplatform support and improve productivity. Delphi XE8 - Delphi 10.4 Sydney supported.

Areas of functionality:

Mapping: Map fields from a class to other class, copy objects, etc..
Config: Use your config as an object and load/save from/to file (Json/Yaml) or Windows Registry.
Serialization: Serialize objects to/from json/Yaml.
Scheduling: Schedule tasks launching as independent threads with retry policies.
Threading: Simplify run and control of multithread background tasks, Thread-safe Lists, queues, etc
dаta: Flexible data interchange and storage, allowing several input-output types.
Cloud: Simplify cloud Azure/Amazon file management, send emails and more.
Querying: Indexed Lists, Searchable Lists and Linq query system for generic lists and arrays.
Benchmark: Time elapsed control and benchmark functions.
Filesystem: Process and Services control, file modify monitors and helpers, etc...
FailControl: Fail and Retry policies.
Caching:: Cache string or objects to retrieve fast later.
Templating: Simple string templating with dictionaries.
Debuging: Utils to debug your code.
Parameters: Work with commandline parameters.
Main units description:

Quick.Commons: Functions frequently needed in the day to day of a developer.
Quick.AppService: Allow a console app to run as console mode or service mode with same code simplifying debug tasks.
Quick.Azure/Amazon: Simplifies blob iteraction with Azure and Amazon Cloud Storage.
Quick.Network: CIDR and IP Range functions.
Quick.Chrono: Chronometer and Benchmark a piece of code is simple.
Quick.Console: Write log messages to console with colors and more...
Quick.Log: Log to disk or memory with verbose levels and daily or max space rotation.
Quick.Config: Load/Save a config as Json or Yaml file or Windows Registry keys and manage it as an object.
Quick.FileMonitor: Monitorizes a file for changes and throws events.
Quick.JsonUtils: Utils for working with json objects.
Quick.SMTP: Send email with two code lines.
Quick.Threads: Thread safe classes, scheduling and backgrounds tasks with retry policies.
Quick.Process: Manages windows processes.
Quick.Services: Manages windows services.
Quick.Format: String format.
Quick.RTTI.Utils: Simplifies working with RTTI.
Quick.JsonSerializer: Serializes an object from/to json text. You can define if public or published will be processed (only Delphi, fpc rtti only supports published properties)
Quick.AutoMapper: Map fields from one class to another class. Allows custom mappings to match different fields and custom mapping procedure to cast/convert fields manually.
Quick.JsonRecord: Used as a DTO class, with json serialize and mapping functions included.
Quick.Lists: Improved lists with indexing or search features.
Quick.Value FlexValue stores any data type and allow pass to other class with integrated operators and autofrees.
Quick.Arrays: Improved arrays.
Quick.YAML: Yaml object structure.
Quick.YAML.Serializer: Serialize/Deserialize object from/to Yaml.
Quick.Expression: Evaluate object properties using expressions.
Quick.Linq: Makes Linq queries to any TObjectList, TList, TArray and TXArray, performing Select by complex Where like SQL syntax, update and order over your list.
Quick.MemoryCache: Caches objects/info with an expiration time, to avoid generate this info everytime is needed (database queries, hard to calculate info, etc).
Quick.Collections: Collections improvements like IList and IObjectList with Linq inherited.
Quick.Pooling: Creation of object pool to avoid external resource consum exhausts and overheads.
Quick.Template: String template replacing with dictionary or delegate.
Quick.Debug.Utils: Simple debugging and code benchmark utils.
Quick.Parameters: Work with commandline parameters like a class.

NEW: QuickParameters to work with commandline arguments like a class.
NEW: HttpServer custom and dynamic error pages.
NEW: Debug utils
NEW: String Template
NEW: RAD Studio 10.4 supported
NEW: Collections: IList and IObjectList with linQ support.
NEW: Pooling: ObjectPool.
NEW: Options file settings with sections.
NEW: MemoryCache with expiration & object compression.
NEW: Now included on RAD Studio GetIt package manager.
NEW: Background & Scheduled task with retry policies
NEW: RunTask, FaultControl
NEW: Linq over generic lists and arrays.
NEW: QuickConfig YAML provider.
NEW: YAML Object and Serializer
NEW: AutoMapper customapping path namespaces style.
NEW: FlexArray, FlexPair & FlexPairArray.
NEW: AutoMapper mapping procedures (see documentation below)
NEW: JsonSerializer improved
NEW: TXArray: array like TList
NEW: Delphi Linux compatibility
NEW: QuickConfigJson reload if config file changed
NEW: First version with OSX/IOS partial support
NEW: Delphinus-Support

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