Download AlphaControls 16.02 Beta Cracked DCUs for D7, Rio and Sydney

AlphaControls 16.02 Beta Cracked DCUs for D7, Rio and Sydney

AlphaControls 16.02 Beta Cracked DCUs for D7, Rio and Sydney
AlphaControls 16.02 Beta Cracked DCUs for D7, Rio and Sydney

A package of standard and unique components for professional GUI design development using AlphaSkins. AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications. A lot of additional properties and components makes this package (and the applications that use it) unique.

AlphaControls package for Delphi / C++ Builder
Easy skinning of existing projects
DPI aware + extended support of custom DPI
Application appearance is independent from Windows OS version
Full support of the RightToLeft BidiMode
Controls inherits all standard features and possibilities
Over 100 own controls which have standard behaviour, optimized for using with skins and have own additional features
Skinning of standard and 3rd-party components (list of supported controls constantly arises)
Skins are upgradeable and have a very simple structure. Read more about a creation of skin here. The ASkinEditor tool is free for using.
The elements of each control are calculated in real-time, so any control can be freely moved and resized at run-time
Drawing of components is produced in several layers, so components may be alpha-blended, can have nice realistic borders, shadows and other beautiful effects
Native support of PNG files, own TsAlphaImageList component with handy design-time editor
Unicode support (read this info for details how to install it on old Delphi versions)
Powerful tooltip manager
Skinned forms, menus and common Windows dialogs and messages. Full SDI & MDI forms support
Easiest and powerful skin-engine supports of internal and external skins, one type of control can have some kinds in skin. All drawings supports alpha-masks.
Controlling of application style from one point
Possibility of components using without skins. Standard styles of controls are supported
Animation effects in controls and forms
No DLLs or any additional files are required for Exe deploying
Changing of HUE, saturation and brightness for current loaded skin
Extended work with fonts, storing of custom fonts, using of characters in the TsCharImageList as custom glyphs
Possibility of the skins embedding in the single Exe-file by few mouse clicks (easy deployment)
A lot of additional useful and amazing features and possibilities, the list of them increases constantly

Manual installing in two steps:

Compile acnt*_R.dpk file;
Install acnt*.dpk file.

Only for V.I.P
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