Download SMImport 3.00 Delphi 10.4 Sydney

SMImport 3.00 Delphi 10.4 Sydney

SMImport 3.00 Delphi 10.4 Sydney
SMImport 3.00 Delphi 10.4 Sydney

The native Delphi components provide fast and direct importing of data from MS Excel/XML/HTML/DBF/Open Office/Paradox files directly without use of any external libraries!

SMImport suite is a set of components that can import data into TDataSet (any descendant) from a variety of different file formats as described in following table:

Component name File format

TSMImportFromXLS import MS Excel files directly without OLE including Office 12 .xlsx files (MS Excel 2007/2010)
TSMImportFromText Load from any text file (fixed or comma-delimited formats)
TSMImportFromXML XML file. Also supports the subset of TClientDataset format to save/load from XML files
TSMImportFromHTML Direct importing of a HTML file
TSMImportFromParadox Paradox tables (does not require the BDE)
TSMImportFromDBF dBase tables (does not require the BDE)
TSMImportFromBDE Import from any BDE database/alias
TSMImportFromWKS Lotus 1-2-3 directly without OLE
TSMImportFromQuattro QuattroPro directly without OLE
TSMImportFromAccess MS Access database using DAO/MS Jet (MS Access is not required)
TSMImportFromWord MS Word document (MS Word is required)
TSMImportFromADO Connect to and import from ADO sources
TSMImportFromAdvantage Advantage database (a direct parsering alternative to Advantage Database)
TSMImportFromDBISAM DBISAM database (a direct parser, alternative to ElevateSoft)
TSMImportFromClarion Clarion data file (direct parser, alternative to Soft Velocity)
TSMImportFromClipboard Import data from the MS Windows Clipboard
TSMImportFromWAB Import records from a Windows Address Book
TSMImportFromVCalendar Import data from VCalendar/ICalendar
TSMImportFromOpenOfficeCalc Open Office spreadsheets
TSMImportFromOutlook Import MS Outlook messages, contacts, notes, tasks, appointments etc
TSMImportFromDataset Copy any data directly from other dataset

Most components support both loading from file and streams so you may load from memory/blob/cgi streams and/or in multi-tier environments.

The SMImport suite also contains a user-friendly wizard, the TSMIWizardDlg () component, which is a self-contained wizard which guides end users in the importing of any data at run-time via a user-friendly interface to assist with load parameter settings. This component gives your user total control over the entire data import process via a few simple mouse clicks. Simply drop the component on a form and execute it on an appropriate button click (or other user action as you see fit).

As developer, if you need, you may restrict the access (read, write, hide) to any import setting in wizard for end users.

The SMImport is a native VCL engine with multi-language support.

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