Download TMS Aurelius v5.5 Source Code for Delphi XE2-Delphi 11 Alexandria

TMS Aurelius v5.5 Source Code for Delphi XE2-Delphi 11 Alexandria

TMS Aurelius v5.5 Source Code for Delphi XE2-Delphi 11 Alexandria
TMS Aurelius v5.5 Source Code for Delphi XE2-Delphi 11 Alexandria

ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance, polymorphism, and more...

Feature details
Several database servers supported (MS SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, DB2, Interbase, Oracle,...)
Several database-access components supported (dbExpress, AnyDac, SQLDirect, ADO, IBX,...)
Multi-platform solution - Win32, Win64, macOS, VCL, FireMonkey
Saving, updating and loading of entity objects in an object-oriented way
TAureliusDataSet for easy and fast interfacing to DB-aware controls in VCL
Multi-model design to allow different mapping models in a single application
Queries - Powerful query API using criteria expressions, projections, grouping, conditions and even logical operators in a LINQ-like approach
Inheritance mapping and polymorphism - map a full class hierarchy into the database
Cross-database development - use a single Delphi code to target multiple databases in a transparent way
Choose from classes-to-database approach (creating the database structure from classes) or database-to-classes approach (creating classes source code from database, using TMS Data Modeler )
Mapping directly in classes using custom attributes
Association mapping
Lifetime management of objects using object manager
Cached and identity-mapped objects
Automatic database structure generation
Nullable types support
Lazy loading for associations and blob fields
Allows logging of SQL commands
Allows mapping enumerated types to database values
Open architecture - easy extendable to use different component sets or database servers

Supported databases

Microsoft SQL Server
ElevateDB server
Absolute Database

Supported platforms

Windows 32-Bit
Windows 64-Bit

Supported Data-Access components
dbGo (ADO)
Interbase Express (IBX)
SQLite - Native Support
Direct Oracle Access

New : Auto alias mechanism allows querying by associated objects without the need to use CreateAlias.
New : Aurelius dictionary validator makes sure your dictionary is never out of sync with the real entity classes, ensuring that you safely write queries that won't crash at runtime.
New : Aurelius dictionary now can be generated in many ways: from existing databases, from existing entity classes in your application, or even from external command-line tool.
New : Aurelius dictionary allows you to write queries in a much easier and safe way, even with associated objects.
Improved : Using global filter in a descendant entity class (using an inheritance strategy) is not supported and now an exception is raised if you try to use it.
Fixed : Very specific error happening when a global filter was applied to an associated object, and such object is a descendant class in a joined-table hierarchy. For example, suppose you are querying for TInvoice entities. Such TInvoice entity has an association Customer of type TSpecificCustomer. Such TSpecificCustomer is part of a joined-table hierarchy and is not the root class, but a descendant one. The bug would happen if there is a global filter declared specifically in TSpecificCustomer class, and such filter is enabled. Aurelius would generate an invalid SQL statement.
Fixed : Integer overflow when opening TAureliusDataset with too many fields.