Download RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 1.0 from October 22, 2021

RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 1.0 from October 22, 2021

RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 1.0 from October 22, 2021
RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 1.0 from October 22, 2021

This patch addresses a number of issues in RAD Studio 11.0.

RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 Readme

This patch addresses a few relevant issues of RAD Studio 11, pertaining to the VCL library, the RAD Studio IDE, Apple iOS Store support, and additional areas listed below.

Installing this patch is recommended for all RAD Studio 11 customers. This patch is about 700MB to download.

Installation via GetIt

If you download the patch via GetIt, it is installed automatically, creating a backup of the files replaced. However, the new version of PAServer for macOS is only copied into the PAserver folder (by default, a folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\PAServer), and you need to copy it over to a Mac and install it manually there.

Manual Download and Installation

This patch is also available in the download portal at In this case, you’ll find the main RAD Studio 11 Patch 1 download file, which you have to expand into the respective subfolders of the RAD Studio installation folder, and a separate download for the updated PAServer for macOS that you’ll have to copy and install on your Mac.

Uninstallation steps (for GetIt installation)

* Open the Catalog Repository installation folder
* Run patch.R110.hotfix.1.bat
* Only *after* you have cleared the patch, uninstall the package from GetIt

Quality Portal issues addresses by this patch

RSP-35800 Windows 11 Menu text with ImageList not readable
RSP-35785 Emoji colours are wrong on iOS
RSP-35778 Scaled forms do not always have commensurate sizes in 11.0
RSP-35716 Fontsize and position of labels and components keep increasing in Delphi
RSP-35701 iOS Development for AppStore not possible with XCode 13.0
RSP-35651 #$21..#$5F characters cannot be selected correctly when they are at the end.
RSP-35650 Error when using IME to enter text when selecting
RSP-35518 Fonts in Nested Controls are not Down Scaled in Dpi Unaware Applications
RSP-35473 VCL Styles IDE Bug with selecting controls
RSP-35459 A change in TThread breaks Windows XP compatibility
RSP-35312 Programs built with dpi>96 run corrupted in 96dpi
RSP-35049 DoThemedDrawText: Parameter "Selected" is ignored, leading to wrong text color in menus on Windows 11
RSP-34960 Font height change in dfm if Scaled = False
RSP-34913 VirtualImageList images grow when HighDPI=Auto (Monitor Scale = 200)
RSP-34822 Dynamically created frames are scaled wrong when IDE is in High DPI mode

We have also addressed an Access Violation caused by the Welcome Page, some issues related to opening old forms with non-visual components in a High-DPI IDE configuration, the same issues with emoji colours (RSP-35785) also for Android

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