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IP*Works! All products v9 C/C++ Edition v9.0.4865

IP*Works! All products v9 C/C++ Edition v9.0.4865
IP*Works! All products v9 C/C++ Edition v9.0.4865 | 33 Mb

IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development and is the core building block for most /n software products. IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development providing easy-to-use, programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the web, consuming web services, etc.

All Major Internet Protocols

Components for - FTP, HTTP, SMTP, ODATA, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, RSS, SMS, Jabber, SOAP, WebDav, RAS, XML, and many more!

Uniform & Extensible Design

Very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive, and extensible design. Common component interfaces across platforms & technologies.

Outstanding Technical Support

Backed by an expert team of support professionals. Unlimited free Email support or paid Premium Support options.

Blazing Performance

Based on an optimized asynchronous socket architecture that has been actively refined for more than a decade.

Fully Integrated Components

Native software components for any supported development technology, with no dependencies on external libraries.

Other Features :

Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully-indexed help files, Royalty free licensing, and more.


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