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XLReport + Pro Option Pack FS

XLReport + Pro Option Pack FS
XLReport + Pro Option Pack FS | 5 Mb

XL Report by AfalinaSoft is a tool for report generation and data analysis in Delphi/C++Builder applications through the use of Microsoft Excel. The power of Excel and its analytical tools plus the easiness of XL Report usage will open to you new ways in reporting and data analyzing. You create a template in Microsoft Excel. You 'bind' the template (just a workbook) to your data and voila, you have an Excel document. :)

Data grouping without subtotals - now you can use the GROUP option without summary options (SUM, COUNT, etc.). The GROUP option has been extended with parameters allowing cell merging (much like MergeLabels for pivot tables), controlling the placement of the group row, and grouping with no group header. Now you can use Excel formulas as well as XL Report options in the group header! See the Group without subtotals branch in QDemoPro.

Subtotals - all the features of the GROUP option are available in subtotaling. Moreover, you are able to place groups to separate printed sheets, suppress totals, and create the group header in the presence of the concluding row. See the Subtotals branch in QDemoPro.


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