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Accusoft FormSuite 3.0 for .Net Retail

Accusoft FormSuite 3.0 for .Net Retail
Accusoft FormSuite 3.0 for .Net Retail | 137 Mb

If your organization carries out a lot of form processing tasks then the Pegasus Imaging FormSuite .NET 2.0 package could be just what you need. This package of form-processing components can be used as a form-processing system (using the FormAssist application provided with the FormSuite installation). The components included are ImageXpress, FormFix, FormDirector, ScanFix and SmartZone; all are supplied with their individual help files. Downloading the program is fairly straightforward and although installation takes a bit of time, it is fully automatic.

The FormSuite SDK delivers:
Document capture
Image enhancement, cleanup, editing
Form identification, form dropout
Zonal ICR, zonal OCR, mark recognition
Image annotation, display, compression, and more

This package includes ImagXpress 10.0.39 , ScanFix 6.0.25 , SmartZoneICR 3.0.43 , SmartZoneOCR 3.0.43 , FormDirector 2.0.2

Using the FormAssist application provided with FormSuite will enable you to quickly set up form sets and processing instructions, or open form templates. FormAssist provides form identification, dropout, zonal OCR, OMR, and will help to create form sets for extracting form data. The FormAssist application uses the FormDirector component to handle read-write operations, and FormFix to identify, register or align forms. For document imaging and processing, the ImageXpress component comes into use and to enable annotation capabilities, FormAssist uses NotateXpress. For cleaning up images, enhancements, character smoothing and hole punch removal, the ScanFixXpress component is used and SmartZone performs ICR and OCR recognition in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian languages. All things together, this suite of components orchestrates all aspects of form processing with FormAssist as the conductor.

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