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MailBee.NET Objects 9.0 Retail

MailBee.NET Objects 9.0 Retail
MailBee.NET Objects 9.0 Retail | 20 Mb

MailBee.NET Objects is a set of robust and feature-rich .NET components for creating, sending, receiving, and processing e-mails. Packed with "must-have" and unique features, these components help developers add even sophisticated e-mail functionality into their applications quickly and easily.


Can send any MailMessage object as e-mail
Can send bulk mail and do mail merge over database
Can send to relay SMTP server or perform DNS MX lookup and send without relay server
Can send through a proxy server
Can sign messages with DomainKeys/DKIM signature

Smtp Object reference...

Download entire messages
Download headers only
UNIQUE Download messages/headers in PIPELINING mode - can boost performance up to 1000%
UNIQUE Download messages with a single line of code (QuickDownloadMessage)

Pop3 Object reference...

Download entire messages, headers only, envelopes, or anything else which can be returned by IMAP's FETCH command
Download and manage folders (international folder names fully supported)
Get special folder flags like Sent, Drafts, Trash (if server supports XLIST)
Download messages through a proxy server
Get already downloaded messages/envelopes if the entire operation failed in the middle

Imap Object reference...

Conversion between Outlook .MSG files/streams and .EML files/streams
Parsing Outlook .MSG into MailMessage object and writing .MSG files
Reading Outlook .PST files and streams, accessing messages, contacts, appointments and other items, converting them into MailMessage objects

MsgConvert Object reference...

Validate single addresses or bulks (array, DataTable, IDataReader)
Validation levels from syntax check to DNS MX lookup and test SMTP send attempts
Event-driven model to enable granular control on the validation process (dynamic blacklists, whitelists, etc)

AddressValidator Object reference...

PstReader Object reference...

Conversion from HTML to PDF format
Send generated PDF as attachments, save to stream or file

HtmlToPdf Object Reference...

A method to return spam score of an e-mail
A method to train the spam database using samples of proven spam and non-spam e-mails
Methods to save/load spam database into/from files
Auto-learning ability (training during scoring e-mails)
Integrated with other components of MailBee.NET Objects suite

BayesFilter Object reference...

Objects for parsing and processing bounced messages

DeliveryStatusParser Object reference...



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