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Infragistics Ultimate 2017.1 With Samples And Help Retail

Infragistics Ultimate 2017.1 With Samples And Help Retail
Infragistics Ultimate 2017.1 With Samples And Help Retail | 2.25 Gb

UI controls & productivity tools for quickly building high-performance web, mobile, and desktop apps. Build high-performing, responsive web applications in jаvascript/HTML5. Works with Angular, React, and other popular frameworks. Build Angular apps with the native Angular components in Ignite UI for Angular. Includes ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappers.

Ignite UI
for jаvascript/HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC

Build responsive web applications in jаvascript/HTML5 for Angular and React frameworks with high-performing UI components. Get a jumpstart on the most demanding web applications with ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappers.

Use Ignite UI for Angular to create great, full-featured line of business applications natively in Angular.

Ignite UI Data Grid

The Ignite UI Grid control is responsive, touch-enabled, and the fastest grid available. You can bind the grid to a variety of data sources, including JSON, XML, HTML tables, .NET collections, and even .NET data tables. The grid works with popular open source libraries like AngularJS, Angular, React and KnockoutJS.

Ignite UI Hierarchical Grid

Help your users understand and work with hierarchical data, even in a mobile, touch-first environment with Ignite UI’s Hierarchical Grid control. You can bind the hierarchical grid to a variety of data sources, including JSON, XML, .NET Collections and .NET Data Sets, and you can lazy load the grid when dealing with large data sets and has all the speed and performance of our other grid controls. And like all our grids, Ignite UI’s hierarchical grid works great in Angular JS, Angular and React.

Ignite UI Tree Grid

Ignite UI’s Tree View Grid displays your data in a tree-like tabular structure, but has all the features you would expect from a grid control, such as filtering, sorting and paging. This grid is similar to the Hierarchal Grid, but works best when working with data where the parent and child nodes have the same structure or your uses want a simpler, stripped down experience. But whichever you use, both grids are fast, can handle large data sets and are fully supported in frameworks like Angular JS, Angular and React.

What’s New in Infragistics Ultimate 17.1
Revolutionary Productivity Tools for Xamarin and Modern Web
Automate and streamline your coding with the Productivity Pack. Includes an Application Map, NuGet-powered Xamarin.Forms Toolbox, and several Control Configurators.
Responsive Schedule Control for Xamarin and jаvascript
Schedule appointments and manage associated resources with the new Schedule control in Ultimate UI for Xamarin and Ignite UI for jаvascript. Includes month and agenda views and support for recurring appointments.
Real-time Usability Analytics with Video Recording
Remote usability tests in Indigo Studio now feature full-screen recordings with optional voice and camera input. Pair with a detailed click-map view to ensure your prototype translates into a well-designed app.
Updated Grid in Ignite UI for jаvascript
Advanced filtering, grouping, and caption templating features enhance the fastest jаvascript grid available on the market. A new power search feature helps users find their data quickly.

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