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Eval SQL.NET 1.1.6

Eval SQL.NET 1.1.6
Eval SQL.NET 1.1.6 | 195 kB

Avoid using slow user-defined function (UDF) and table-valued function (TVF) and dramatically improve query performance with Eval SQL.NET.
Execute SQL 3-20x faster than UDF and TVF
Evaluate an expression more than ONE MILLION times under a second
Evaluate expression using C# Syntax

Make the impossible now possible. Evaluate C# expression in SQL to overcome limitations.
Allow trusted users to create report field and filter
Consume Web Service
Replace text in template with String Interpolation

Split text with delimiter
Improve performance and capability for splitting text with an easy to use split function and LINQ expressions.
Split text with multiple delimiters
Split text using a regular expression
Include row index

Use regular expression in SQL Server
Use Regex flexibility to overcome “LIKE” and “PATHINDEX” limitations.

Replace xp_cmdshell with restrictive alternative
Avoid enabling xp_cmdshell and compromising your SQL Server and use instead a more restrictive solution.
Impersonate Context
Improve maintainability
Improve readability
Improve security

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