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Multi-Language 6.02.0013 for Visual Studio 2002-2017 Retail

Multi-Language 6.02.0013 for Visual Studio 2002-2017 Retail
Multi-Language 6.02.0013 for Visual Studio 2002-2017 Retail | 13 Mb

Multi-Language for Visual Studio provides extended support for creating localized applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. The supported application types are

Windows Forms
Windows Store Apps
Compact Framework
MFC (unmanaged C++)

The product is implemented as a Visual Studio Package, which means that it is tightly integrated into the development environment itself. The localization support is based on the built in localization support in Visual Studio and in the .NET environment.

Specifying the languages to be supported

Multi-Language shows you a list of all languages supported by Windows. Simply select a language from the list to add it to the project.

For each language, an additional column is added to the grids, showing the strings for this language.

Multi-Language for Visual Studio
Create localized versions of
Windows Forms Applications
ASP.NET Projects
Windows Store Applications
Silverlight Projects
WPF Projects
C++/MFC Projects
Fully integrated into
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio .NET 2003
Visual Studio .NET 2002
Supports applications in
managed C++
unmanaged C++ and MFC
Online translation using
the Microsoft Translator
the Google Translator

Storing translations and adding runtime support

After entering translations using Multi-Language, the texts are exported to resource files in the .ResX format, used by Visual Studio. The standard localization support in the .NET runtime environment will load the localized texts for the default system language.

Using Multi-Language you can add additional support for

selecting the language from a list when the program is started
changing the language when the program is running

For unmanaged C++ projects, Multi-Language exports translations to the resource script (.rc) file in three steps:

all texts are exported to string table resources
the texts in existing dialog and menu resources are updated
if necessary, new dialog and menu resources are generated for individual languages.


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