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SharpShooter Reports.Win v3.9

SharpShooter Reports.Win v3.9
SharpShooter Reports.Win v3.9

SharpShooter Reports.Win is the powerful .NET report component that will easily add reporting features to the Windows Forms apps. Create elegant and visually appealing reports in the intuitive report designer and deliver reports to your end users in the desktop report viewer or provide them in a document format (PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, XPS, etc.) for further exploration and analysis.

Convenient and User Friendly Report Designer

Ribbon toolbar of the report designer groups common properties in the way that they can be easily found by the developers. Just switch the tabs, select necessary property and set it with a single mouse click. A convenient Properties toolbar provides immediate access to the report item properties and allows developers to write expressions and scripts for the selected report item.

PivotTable Item

The PivotTable item is used to create cross tab reports based on static data and also to build aggregate tables. There is a special visual cross tab editor that allows specifying data used for calculation. Scripts can be used for creating rules of calculation.

Add any .Net data Sources You Need

SharpShooter Reports supports all .NET data soucres such as IEnumerable, IList, IListSource, ICustomTypeDescriptor and ITypedList, ADO.NET objects; Business objects; Integrated SQL and XML data sources. Multiple data sources can be used in a single report, so you can be sure that all necessary information will be delivered to business users. Creation of unbound reports is also available.


Bookmarks will help you to provide a table of contents of your report or direct users to the most valuable information in a report.

Built-in Charts and Gauges

A built-in charting component allows the visual presentation of data contained in the report. Integration with Microsoft Charts offers even more power and convenience in data visualization. SharpShooter Reports offers a built-in gauge control, so you can view your data as dials, sliders, switches, odometers, meters, etc. to make information much more comprehensive.

Royalty-Free Runtime

SharpShooter Reports is runtime royalty-free. This means that developers can distribute SharpShooter Reports dll’s within their application to the end-users without any additional fees.

Source Code Availability

SharpShooter Reports is written in C# and includes only managed code that can be obtained by the customers.

High-performance Report Wizards for Fast Creation of Reports

It’s so easy to create a report in SharpShooter Reports as the product offers report wizards. All you need is to select available data source, data you want to include in the report, decide whether you want to group your data, set basic report properties like report title, measure unit, script language, apply some styling and click ok. Pivot table wizard is added to SharpShooter Reports to make creation of cross tab reports extremely effortless. It helps you to visually arrange data fields, set layout items, apply some styling and click ok.

Organize the Consistent Layout of the Reports into Reusable Templates

The Master Report functionality allows setting of a report template containing all recurring elements once and then apply it to further reports by a single mouse click. Any modifications in the master report will immediately appear in all reports that use it.

Quick Access to the Most Important Report Elements

SharpShooter Reports designer provides at-a-click access to the following tools that help developers better manage reports: report item properties, available data sources and tree view report structure. Drag and drop data source fields for intuitive and fast report creation, quickly find report elements and edit styles and parameters.

Custom Report Viewer

If standard report viewers available in SharpShooter Reports don’t suit your requirements, they can be customized to fit your application style and to offer only necessary functions to the business users

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