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WinSoft IOPort.NET v3.1

WinSoft IOPort.NET v3.1
WinSoft IOPort.NET v3.1

.NET component for accessing Windows I/O and memory-mapped ports.

access to I/O and memory-mapped ports on 32 and 64-bit Windows
PnP device drivers built using Microsoft KMDF WDK framework
easy of use, component is fully autoconfigurable
block data transfer enables high speed data transfer
DirectAccess mode provides the fastest access to I/O ports (32-bit Windows only)
available for .NET 2 - 4.7
royalty free distribution in applications

Add component to Visual Studio toolbox:

1. click "Tools/Choose Toolbox Items..." menu
2. click Browse button
3. select file "NET4\Design\Winsoft.IOPort.dll"

Only for V.I.P
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