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Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.7

Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.7
Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.7

As you debug, Entrian Inline Watch displays the values of variables inline in your source code, updated live as you step through your code. You can see the live values right there in the source, rather than having to hover over them with the mouse, or find them in the Watch windows.

As soon as you land in a function, or at a breakpoint, you can see the values of your function parameters and variables.

It's not just for primitive values like numbers and strings - you control how your classes and structures are displayed, eg. a BankAccount instance could display its name and balance: Bob: $123

You can also configure how accessor functions are displayed, so that a call to an accessor function, like account->balance(), can display as $123

I’d like to announce the release of Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.7, with these enhancements:

The Config dialog is now modeless, and has an Apply button, so you can see your changes while keeping the dialog open. Thanks, Avinash.
__int64 values are now displayed properly in popups, in decimal/hex/octal/binary. Thanks, Jingjing.
If you have enabled ‘Edit / Advanced / Show White Space’ in Visual Studio, the Inline Watch values are now painted in front of the white space dots rather than behind. Thanks, Martin.

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