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GrapeCity.Spread for ASP.NET v11.40.20178

GrapeCity.Spread for ASP.NET v11.40.20178
GrapeCity.Spread for ASP.NET v11.40.20178

Support your web apps with 40+ UI controls for ASP.NET Web Forms

Includes modern, touch-first grids and charts
Extensive API and built-in customization options
Includes barcodes, ZIP, and file upload utilities

Dozens of data visualization tools
Visualize, aggregate and summarize large data sets with our full collection of charts, including Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter, Composite, Bubble, and Candlestick

Build full product dashboards
Gauges, sparklines, treemaps, and grids allow you to quickly pull together an easy product dashboard

Add deeper functionality with FileExplorer
Access local directories with the Windows Explorer-like FileExplorer

Enhance ASP.NET apps with utilities
With barcodes, ZIP files, and a variety of themes, you'll add new functionality to existing apps

Full Visual Studio 2017 and Windows 10 Support
Seamless Visual Studio 2017 integration means you won't compromise functionality for older apps

This interactive, fully customizable ASP.NET grid allows you to select, edit, delete, sort, and group data. Other features include easy data binding and data paging.

Create interactive, list-based mobile applications with ListView for ASP.NET Web Forms. This powerful control supports lists for data display, navigation, search results, and more. The wide array of supported list types cover the most common design patterns, allowing you to create rich, touch-centric mobile applications.

Your Excel data is just a simple command away from any of your .NET applications with Excel for .NET you don't even need to have Microsoft Excel installed! Create or load XLS files for Excel 97 and later. Excel for .NET supports the new Office 2007 OpenXml format, which allows you to save smaller, compressed XLSX files.

The main component in Excel for .NET is the C1XLBook object, which represents an Excel workbook containing one or more sheets. Use the C1XLBook to load existing Excel files or create new ones. Then add sheets, styles, hyperlinks, images, headers and footers, page breaks and more. When you are done, save the C1XLBook to a file or a Stream and youre done. Anyone with a copy of Excel can access your data. Its that easy!

PDF for .NET is a library that allows you to create PDF documents from your applications.
The PDF (Portable Document Format) format was created by Adobe in 1993 and has since become the industry standard for the representation of printed material in electronic systems. PDF is popular because it is high-quality, portable, device-independent, and because there are many tools available for creating, manipulating, and viewing PDF documents. These tools include the free multi-platform document viewer Adobe Acrobat. The portability and high quality of the PDF documents make PDF an excellent choice for Web publishing. For more information on the PDF format and PDF utilities from Adobe and other sources, visit the Adobe Web site (

Packed with rich features like zooming, paging, thumbnails, outlines, and more, ComponentOne WebPaper technology unleashes the capabilities of reporting in ASP.NET. ReportViewer for ASP.NET Web Forms uses this technology to create pixel perfect reports in a high fidelity graphical form that are truly in a league of their own. Enjoy built-in toolbars for navigation, searching, printing, and exporting reports, and easy integration with other reporting formats including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. Turn any of your Web reports into powerful, printable, Web-ready documents in minutes.

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