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LiveXAML 1.5.3

LiveXAML 1.5.3
LiveXAML 1.5.3

LiveXAML runs while you are debugging your application inside an emulator. Whenever you save any XAML file, it automatically updates the running application. LiveXAML has no restrictions on libraries or code usage. You can interact with the interface as you normally do. No additional configuration needed besides initial installation.

Why LiveXAML?

Familiar workflow
Regular application debugging with the benefit of runtime UI update

Simple installation
Just install VS extension and NuGet package

Easy to use
Start debugging session and you're set!

Time saver
Saves tons of time and money on UI development

How does it work?
LiveXAML injects some code into your Xamarin Forms app that makes it listen for XAML updates.

Visual Studio extension handles document saves and sends updated UI to your application.

Supports all known emulators and physical devices

Only for V.I.P
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