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TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X14 (v24.0 Build 24.0.1700.500)

TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X14 (v24.0 Build 24.0.1700.500)
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X14 (v24.0 Build 24.0.1700.500)

HTML5-based document editor and reporting template designer for ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms (AJAX). The HTML5-based online editor runs on all modern browsers and platforms including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer. The first true WYSIWYG, HTML5-based Web editor and reporting template designer. Give your users an MS Word compatible editor to create powerful reporting templates anywhere - in any HTML5-based browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Reporting and Mail Merge
Text Control Reporting combines the power of a reporting tool and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG word processor - fully programmable and embeddable in your ASP.NET application.

Based on MS Word compatible report templates, mail merge and table reports to master-detail, side-by-side and sub-reports can be created. Nested repeating blocks with master-detail relationship views can be easily inserted. It doesn't matter what's repeated in the block: A table row, paragraphs, images or text frames. There are no limits.

Drag & Drop and Client Clipboard Support
The HTML5 based Web.TextControl has been extended with full drag and drop support. Insert MS Word DOC, DOCX, RTF and image files directly into Web.TextControl.

Copy and paste formatted content from the client (MS Word, OpenOffice, browser etc.) to the editor.

Fully Featured Spell Checking
TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET provides a fully featured spell-check dialog for Web.TextControl in combination with TX Spell .NET. It provides the same functionality like its Windows Forms pendant including suggestions, full editing mode, ignore and change options.

The jQuery-based dialog is built based on the new SpellingCorrectionUIProvider of TX Spell .NET that enables an easy creation of customized spelling dialog boxes.

True Page Layout, Sections, Headers and Footers
This is not 'yet another HTML editor'. It is a fully featured, MS Word inspired word processor interface to edit documents and templates with ordinary MS Word skills.

Direct, Client-side Printing Support
Web.TextControl is able to print documents directly by opening the native browser print dialog. This enables developers to utilize the integrated print preview, to change the printer settings and to print content directly.

jР°vascript API
Using the jР°vascript API, it is possible to manipulate the document, load an XML database, set and load text into the current selection, retrieve document text parts or set control colors using jР°vascript functions and properties.

Automate your Documents
Replacing MS Office Automation in applications is one of the most typical use cases for document APIs such as TX Text Control. Using TX Text Control you can automate, edit and create documents using UI and non-UI components.

Create documents from scratch or use templates: MS Word compatible mail merge and reporting functionality is natively supported by TX Text Control that gives you access to flow type layout reporting features in an easy-to-use and reusable component.

Document Conversion
TX Text Control supports a wide range of word processing formats (RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, XML, PDF, PDF/A) and image file formats (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, WMF, EMF, TIF). As files can be loaded and saved to all of these formats, a typical application for TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET lies in the area of server-side, network-based, document conversion.

Protected Documents
Using TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET, documents can be protected by restricting the formatting and editing of content. Editable regions are exceptions within protected documents where specific users have access.

Chart Layout Ribbon Tab
2D and 3D chart objects can be added to documents and merged with data using the reporting framework MailMerge. When a chart object has been inserted and selected, a new out-of-the-box ribbon group Chart Tools is available in the TX Text Control ribbon.

Inserting Client-Side Images
Using the jР°vascript API enhancements, client-side images can be added to the document.

Objects in Headers and Footers
Content in headers and footers can overlap the main text. This is typically used in letterhead templates to place the address in a text box on the side of the main text. This content is repeated on each page dependent of the header and footer section settings.

Building Highly Efficient Reporting Applications
TX Text Control has been specifically designed to run in server side applications. All interactions with TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET are performed programmatically from application code, making it ideal for batch processing or printing large volumes of documents. Developers get a fast and reliable way to automate documents for business critical processes.

Speed, reliability and stability are the three major characteristics of the TX Text Control design.

Using TX Text Control, you can build powerful applications for ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Windows Services and Azure.

Adding Barcode and Charting Support
1D and 2D barcodes make the reporting solution complete. TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET can be easily used to create invoices, sales sheets and delivery notes with industry standard barcodes to connect the digital world and the paper-oriented world.

Powerful data visualization in a report or any other documents is essential to get the "big picture". Charts indicate trends and can be used to attractively visualize large volumes of data.

Merge Templates With Data
After a template has been successfully designed, the reporting engine MailMerge is merging data into the template. For each data row of the master table in the data source, a document is created. Merge fields are populated with column values and repeating blocks are merged with data rows of related child tables in the data source.

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