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Bunifu UI Winforms 1.5.4

Bunifu UI Winforms 1.5.4
Bunifu UI Winforms 1.5.4

Modern beautiful controls and components for creating stunning app UI.

Get access to 20+ controls that will bring the best out of your app UI

Custom Label
Bunifu Custom Label
Flat Button
Bunifu Flat Button
Date Picker
Bunifu Date Picker
Tile Button
Bunifu Tile Button
Material Text Box
Bunifu Material Text Box
Image Button
Bunifu Image Button
Gradient Panel
Bunifu Gradient Panel
Circle Progress Bar
Bunifu Circle Progress Bar
V Track Bar
Bunifu V Track Bar
Bunifu Rating
Bunifu Cards
Bunifu Range
Text Box
Bunifu Text Box
Drop Down
Bunifu Drop Down
Thin Button
Bunifu Thin Button
Metro TextBox
Bunifu Metro TextBox
Bunifu Separator
Bunifu Slider
Bunifu Switch
Progress Bar
Bunifu Progress Bar
Data Grid
Bunifu Custom Data Grid
OSS Switch
Bunifu OSS Switch
Bunifu Gauge
Track Bar
Bunifu Track Bar

What’s new?
Ability to manage your key and devices . Please visit managing key & devices section of the documentation for more.
Default value for dropdown enabled

In this section we will introduce the main Bunifu controls: we’ll see how we can use them in our main form at design time as well as at run time and also we’ll see how can we attach events to them.

As a general rule, almost all Bunifu controls are based on the built-in Windows Forms controls and all the properties and events that work for the built-in controls, also work for the Bunifu controls as well, so the official documentation for Windows Forms controls can be extremely helpful.

Adding a Custom Label on a Form at Design Time:
Design Time means drag & drop: taking the label from the toolbox and putting it down in our desired place on our form:

Adding a Custom Label on a Form at Run Time:
Run Time means “when the application runs”, when it’s basically in execution. If we want to add a Custom Label on our form at run time, we need to select an event on our main form. We will select the Load event and as you can see here, the Load event fires up when we initialize our app, so it’s a good place to put our code that creates and adds our label to the main form.

In order to link the Load event to our form, we simply have to double click on our form (on the window) and we will be directed to the code behind our form.

Adding a Gradient Panel on a Form at Run Time:
In order to add our panel at run time, we just have to link the Load event to our form, by double-clicking on it (as you can see in this article).

Custom properties for Bunifu Material TextBox:
Color properties:
LineFocusedColor: the color of the line (the one under the text) when the textbox has focus (is the active control on the form)
LineIdleColor: the standard color of the line (when it doesn’t have focus)
LineMouseHoverColor: the color of the line on mouse hover
Structural Properties:
LineThickness: sets the thickness of the line
IsPassword: hides the characters when typing (it behaves like a password box)

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