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When writing code in C# you get a lot of help from the language and IDEs keeping you from making a bunch of kinds of mistakes. Type safety stops a lot of potential bugs from making it past the Compile step. The refactoring support for C# is pretty slick as well. Move code around, rename stuff, change namespaces, and it all gets sorted out quickly.

But when working in XAML, that’s mostly gone. There isn’t a lot of checking that happens during the build, even with XAML compilation turned on. Bugs in XAML end up getting debugged at runtime. This means a much slower bug fix process than an equivalent bug in C# would have. Some of these bugs end up causing crashes, so they’re pretty easy to spot once you run your app and get to the right page. Others, like mistyping identifier names in Bindings, can just silently fail.

XamRight aims to solve these issues. It gives you those little squiggly lines to tell you something’s wrong while editing your Xamarin.Forms XAML. Install it, and it’ll start doing its thing. It keeps working in the background, and you can have it analyze your entire project to make sure everything is clean before you commit your changes.

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