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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise v2018.1.1.17

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise v2018.1.1.17
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise v2018.1.1.17

GrapeCity, a component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem and Visual Studio 2017 Sim-Ship Partner, today announced its first major 2017 release for ComponentOne Ultimate, a first-class cross-platform component suite including ComponentOne Studio, Wijmo, and Xuni. This v1 release delivers the fastest and most versatile developer controls available for data management, data visualization, scheduling, input, editing, navigation, layout, and reporting and document generation – all of which integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio 2017.

2017’s first major release introduces several new controls across the suite, including InputPanel for XAML (available in WPF and UWP Editions). One of the most popular controls in the WinForms collection, InputPanel combines multiple input controls into a single control, making advanced data entry forms a simple one-line code implementation. The new control includes multiple textboxes, date and time pickers, a drop-down list, and an assortment of labels and navigation controls.

In jР°vascript news, Wijmo has released a TreeView control that includes checkboxes, icons, and drag-and-drop support. Also included in this release is server-side support for OLAP, allowing enterprise apps to work with multiple data sources and millions of rows. All Wijmo controls have no dependencies and full support for Angular v1 and v2, along with ReactJS, and VueJS.

GrapeCity Developer Solutions continues to build strength in cross-platform reporting. Previous releases included FlexReport, a powerful, lightweight reporting engine whose components are available in WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, and Wijmo’s jаvascript. This release includes FlexViewer Mobile for ASP.NET MVC, ensuring that enterprises can display their FlexReports on any device.

Other enterprise-ready advances include five new indicators and overlays to ComponentOne Studio’s all-in-one FinancialChart control for WinForms, UWP, WPF, and ASP.NET MVC, as well as two new charts and three chart features for FlexChart in the same platforms. The new charts, Box-and-whisker and ErrorBar, support GrapeCity Developer Solutions’ roadmap plans to achieve full parity with Excel charts. Also in this release are an OLAP for ASP.NET MVC control, which includes pivot panel, table, and chart. When paired with the new DataEngine component of Web API, OLAP for ASP.NET MVC empowers developers to process and aggregate up to hundreds of millions of records in a fraction of a second.

GrapeCity’s developer products extend the capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 by giving developers even more options for creating rich and interactive applications across all platforms.

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