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SciChart for WPF v5.2.0.11680

SciChart for WPF v5.2.0.11680
SciChart for WPF v5.2.0.11680

Before SciChart was created, most chart components used default graphics libraries (provided by the Operating system) to draw charts, which resulted in poor performance when charting more than a few thousand datapoints. While most applications don’t need to show thousands or millions of data-points, some do. When SciChart v1 was created in 2012 there were no WPF Charts in the world which used Hardware Acceleration and most were limited to a few thousand points at most. This meant creating scientific or realtime charting applications was simply impossible.

Immediately after releasing SciChart v1, we had loads of users report that previously impossible projects were now possible. SciChart Brought the ability to display Big Data and Realtime charts will millions of data-points to the Windows (WPF) platform for the First Time.

In 2017, We have developed our High Performance Realtime Charts even further, Our Charts for Windows, iOS and Android are able to draw many millions of data-points realtime.

SciChart WPF Performance
Display 1M Points at 60 FPS
Display 10M points at 30 FPS
Display 500 series at 38 FPS
Display 250K Scatter points at 38 FPS
World Class Charting Performance

SciChart iOS Performance
Display 100k Points at 60 FPS
Display 1M points at 18 FPS
Display 200 series at 30 FPS
Display 25K Scatter points at 24 FPS
Up to 12x faster than the nearest competitor

SciChart Android Performance
Display 100k Points at 60 FPS
Display 1M points at 18 FPS
Display 200 series at 46 FPS
Display 25K Scatter points at 24 FPS
Up to 2.25x faster than the nearest competitor

Performance Demos
We ship a number of performance demos with SciChart to show you just what we can do. If you want to take a look then get your development team to download our examples for our WPF, iOS, Android and Xamarin Chart Components which contain our performance demos!

Illinois University (WPF)
The University of Illinois departments of Bioengineering, Mechanical Science & Electrical Computer Engineering were researching alternatives to FT-IR for use in Medical Diagnostics. With their innovative Quantum Cascade Laser set up, they generated up to 100 million data points in real time which needed to be displayed via heatmaps. Have a look at our Case Study to see how SciChart helped them create High-Definition images for Diagnostic Tissue Imaging.

Avicena Heart (iOS)
Avicena is a medical device company focused on providing critical information to patients and physicians through their mobile app which works in conjunction with their bespoke proprietary sensor platform the Vivio. The Vivio streams live cardiovascular data directly to a mobile device via Bluetooth to aid in Cardiovascular diagnosis. Avicena needed a reliable charting solution to display accurate Realtime, High-Bandwidth Cardiovascular data in up to 90 series streamed from their sensor device whilst maintaining a smooth UI and allowing for bespoke customizations and annotations.

Revolve NTNU (WPF)
Revolve NTNU Norwegian University of Science & Technology is an independent student organization engaged in Formula Student, Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition.Creating new iterations of their Race Car each year, Revolve needed to be able to visualization their multi-stream, high-bandwidth data from their hundreds of sensors in Realtime to ensure top performance and allow for torque vectoring and testing of their car.

Brotagon Solutions (Android)
Broctagon Solutions, part of the Brotagon Fintech Group is a conglomerate with a specific focus on financial and technological solutions specializing as a brokerage solutions provider. Broctagon needed to render in real time the large multi-stream datasets inherent to the financial and trading sectors. Outputting in several different charting styles such as OHLC and Candlesticks alongside overlaid annotations, tooltips and multiple panes without sacrificing smoothness and increasing the end user experience.

Ongoing Optimization
A chart component is so much more than drawing lines and shapes on the screen. Across platforms (WPF, iOS, Android), at every step of the way during the rendering pipeline of SciChart, we employ extreme performance optimisation techniques.

These include:

Optimal Data Structures for fast RAM access
C++ Interop for performance critical sections
Data-resampling for Time Series
Efficient Indexing Algorithms such as Binary Search
Hardware Acceleration (OpenGL, DirectX)
Efficient Memory Management
Avoiding Boxing/Unboxing in Managed Languages
Frequent Memory & performance Profiling

SciChart – A Purpose Built Chart Component for Trading Apps
Before SciChart was created, most chart components have only very basic candlestick chart functionality and are not well suited to creating fully featured trading applications. Having too few features for trading charts results in poor user experience when creating a stock trading, forex or CFD trading app.

SciChart provides a High Performance, Realtime, Feature-rich Chart Component with stock-chart specific features, for developers building Financial & Trading Apps on Windows (WPF), and Mobile (iOS/Android). Get started right away creating your first trading app using SciCharts Powerful Charts.

Candlestick, OHLC, Line, Mountain and Column Charts
Extreme real-time performance for live market
Cross platform to Windows (WPF), iOS, Android and xamarin
Unlimited Synchronized (Multi Pane) Stock Charts
Hide Overnight session and Weekends with Category Axis
Allows display of financial indicators such as SMA, MACD, RSI
Overlay text labels, buy/sell markers, trendlines with our Annotations API
Custom Annotations such as Fibonacci retracement and Drawing Tools*
Enable/Disable Cursors
Enable/Disable Zooming, Panning
Configure Legends, customize legend content
Customize Zoom, Pan Gestures

Extreme Performance for Fast Moving Markets
In a live market, the last thing you want is for the charts on your trading application to lock up, or slow down. SciChart has the best performance on the market for Cross-Platform charting controls allowing you to be confident that the charts will never be the bottleneck in your trading App

extreme performance for fast moving markets

With an extensive list of users who utilized SciChart in their Financial and Trading applications you can be sure that we’re the software solution you’ve been looking for.

Not only does SciChart come pre-packed with loads of examples, tutorials and features but our world class support means that you’ll be able to get even the most complicated projects off the ground easily. We’ve also worked with customers before to create bespoke charting solutions displaying custom data and series in a multi-pane fashion!

If you’re in need of a great charting solution that has been used consistently with great success look no further, our High Performance charts are built for Realtime, Big data environments and can handle anything the markets can generate.

SciChart – A Purpose Built Chart component for Scientific, Engineering & Medical Apps
Before SciChart was created, most chart components focused on generic charts for business and sales dashboard applications and neglected the speed, performance & features required by the scientific & engineering communities.

SciChart provides a High Performance, Realtime, Feature-rich Chart Component built for developers of scientific, medical & engineering applications on Windows (WPF), and mobile (iOS/Android and Xamarin). Get started right away creating your first scientific app using SciCharts Powerful Charts.

Our scientific chart types & features include:

WPF (Windows) Only
3D Surface Mesh Chart
3D Bubble Chart
3D Scatter Chart
3D Waterfall Chart
3D Point Line Chart
Coming Soon! Display 3D Objects (*.obj file format) on the scene
Coming Soon! Per-point coloring and non-uniform 3D surface mesh chart type
Cross Platform: WPF, iOS, Android, Xamarin
Heatmap / Spectrogram chart
Scatter / Bubble Charts with per-point coloring
Fast Line Charts for Big Data
Error Bars, Impulse and Stem Charts
Draw Annotations, Markers and Thresholds
Scroll like a Strip Chart, update in real-time
Tooltips, Zooming, Panning and More

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