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Sub System SpellTime v5.0.0.5

Sub System SpellTime v5.0.0.5
Sub System SpellTime v5.0.0.5

SpellTime- Spell checker library for NET, WinForm, C#, Win32, Win64, Java, ActiveX, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Foxpro. If your application allows the user to enter text, or if your application incorporates any text based processing, we now have a product that you have been looking for.

Spell Time allows you to incorporate a spell checker into your product. Spell Time offers the following features:

Spell Time incorporates three types of dictionaries. The main dictionary contains more than 100,000 English words. This dictionary is compressed to occupy only 350 K bytes on the disk. The efficient spell checking routines decompress the main dictionary data at the run time. The application dictionary allows a developer to enter industry specific words. This feature lets you customize the dictionary before your product is shipped to the user. The user dictionary allows your users to enter new words into the dictionary during the spell checking session.
The Spell Time routine can interface with your application at different levels. Your application can call Spell Time to check a single word, or to check all words in a buffer, or to check the entire text file. Spell Time allows you to show the incorrect word on the screen with a number of alternate words to choose from. The user may also add the incorrect word to the user dictionary, or ignore the incorrect word, or type in a replacement word. Spell Time remembers a user action for an incorrect word, so that any subsequent occurrence of the same word is automatically corrected. Your application can specify a custom routine that must be called by Spell Time before initiating any screen activity. This allows your application to preserve the screen or highlight the incorrect word. Similarly, Spell Time provides a feedback to your application after a screen interaction has taken place.
Spell Time routines are highly optimized. Spell Time can process 1000 to 1500 words per second!
Spell Time includes an interface to TE Edit Control. This interface consists of a module that can be linked with your program. This module can check the entire file or just the highlighted parts. The module supports a line or a character highlighted block. This module eliminates any need of programming to incorporate the spell checker feature into your application.
The Win32 and .NET versions come in the DLL format. The .NET version is completely written using C# managed code, and does not make use of any Win32 assembly. The Java version includes the SpellTime classes in a singed jar file.
Royalty Free: The product is royalty free for distribution, if you meet our two conditions. First, your application should not be a stand-alone spell checker. Second, the target application must be much 'larger' than the spell checker.

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