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ASP Persist Software AspUser 1.2

ASP Persist Software AspUser 1.2
ASP Persist Software AspUser 1.2

Windows security management component which provides an object-oriented interface to user accounts, groups, group memberships, and file permissions. AspUser is an active server component for managing Windows NT/2000 users, groups and permissions. Designed as a hierarchy of objects and collections, AspUser gives you an intuitive object-oriented programming interface.

AspUser Features
Ability to add, delete, rename and enumerate NT users and groups, on a local box or across server and domain borders.
Ability to retrieve and change various user and group account properties. AspUser exposes 37 user account properties.
Ability to allow users to change their NT passwords over the Web.
Ability to change user membership information.
Ability to impersonate arbitrary user accounts.
Ability to retrieve and change Access Control Lists (ACLs) of files and directories.
Ability to set a file owner,
Ability to change a domain user account's Primary Group property.
AspUser is fully integrateable with Visual Basic.
AspUser provides server browsing functionality via the Servers collection and Server object.
AspUser provides methods for obtaining current user, machine and domain names.
AspUser has no hardcoded messages in English. Every error message it throws is in the native language of the system it is running on (with the exception of expiration- and registration-related messages).
AspUser optionally includes genuine Windows error codes in the beginning of all exception messages to give the developer more flexibility in handling errors.
AspUser comes with fully functional ASP-based User Manager and User Manager for Domain applications, so that you can take advantage of the component without having to write a single line of code.

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