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ASP Persist Software AspEncrypt

ASP Persist Software AspEncrypt
ASP Persist Software AspEncrypt

AspEncrypt is an Active Server component that brings security to your applications through encryption. With AspEncrypt, you can encrypt data, send S/MIME-based secure mail, compute one-way hash values, generate and verify digital signatures, issue and manage X.509 digital certificates, and more. This component can be used in an ASP/ASP.NET or VB environment on Windows 2000 • XP • 2003 • 2008 • Vista • 7 • 2012 • 8 • 2016.

AspEncrypt Features
AspEncrypt offers a wide range of cryptographic functions:
Encrypts and decrypts text, files and binary data using strong encryption.
Supports all major symmetric-encryption algorithms: RC2, RC4, DES, Triple-DES and AES.
Encryption keys can be random, password-derived or imported from an external source.
Supports all major one-way hash functions: MD4, MD5, SHA and SHA256.
Sends certificate-based secure mail (AspEmail is also needed).
Generates and validates RSA digital signatures.
Supports encryption with a public key and decryption with the corresponding private key.
Issues and manages digital certificates.
Can be used on the server as well as a client machine.

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