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MPlatform SDK & MFormats SDK

MPlatform SDK & MFormats SDK
MPlatform SDK & MFormats SDK

MPlatform SDK is the no. 1 tool for rapid software development of professional video applications for the broadcast and entertainment markets. MPlatform SDK is tailored for the most popular use cases in the broadcast industry. But it's also flexible enough — so you can come up with your's. MPlatform SDK boasts a set of high-level features that make development of specific use cases fast and easy. Works with C#, C++, VB.NET and Delphi.

With MFormats SDK, a flexible framework to work with video frames, you'll deliver applications that fully address the needs of your clients on how video should be processed.

Whether you need to create professional broadcasting solutions that work with Blackmagic devices or build easy-to-use tools for amateurs that use web cameras, MFormats SDK has been built so that you could take control over your video workflow and present it to the customers in the shortest time.

// Grab a frame
MFFrame myFrame;
myReader.SourceFrameGet(-1, out myFrame, "");

// Process the frame
MFFrame processedFrame;
int nFrameRest;
(myCharGen as IMFProcess).ProcessFrame(myFrame, out processedFrame, out nFrameRest, "");

// Output the frame
myRenderer.ReceiverFramePut(processedFrame, -1, "");

Key features
WebRTC is a p2p streaming technology that allows video professionals to transfer audio/video data between computers and browsers over the Internet with low latency.

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