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CodeFluent Entities Modeler 1.0.61214.0953

CodeFluent Entities Modeler 1.0.61214.0953
CodeFluent Entities Modeler 1.0.61214.0953

CodeFluent Entities is a product integrated into Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 which allows developers to generate components such as scripts (e.g. T-SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL), code (e.g. C#, VB), web services (e.g. WCF, JSON/REST) and UIs (e.g. ASP.NET, MVC, SharePoint, WPF, Silverlight).

The code generation process is model-first and continuous: from your declarative model, a meta-model will be inferred which code generators will then translate into code. Over 20 code generators (a.k.a. “producers”) are provided “out of the box” and can be combined to create your own application following your desired architecture, using your desired technologies.

A centralized model
Since you’re using a centralized model: you don’t ever repeat yourself (DRY); you don’t have a UML model here with several diagrams, and another mapping model there. A single model, inside Visual Studio drives all your developments and this is possible thanks to the second key point which is that you can generate continuously.

Continuous generation
Generation is not a one shot action, but instead you can do this as much as needed, until you’re scope complete. And the combination of those two first points is of an incredible great value as in the end, you’ll have an actual snapshot of what the application handles and how it does it. This means that you can come back to it years later, open this model again and get a clear picture of what’s in production.

Using CodeFluent Entities you are decoupling your business logic from technology. Once you created your model, supporting a new technology comes down to adding a new producer. Using CodeFluent Entities, you can go from VB.NET to C# by selecting a value in a combo, or switch your persistence layer from SQL Server to SQL Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle Database and vice-versa.

CodeFluent Entities is built by developers for developers. The generated code is developer-friendly: classes do not derive from a base technical class, are all partial classes so you can extend them without losing your changes across generations. You can also extend the product by creating your own producers, rules, naming conventions or CodeFluent Aspects.

Migration and interoperability
CodeFluent Entities provides a model importer which allows you to create a CodeFluent Entities model from an existing database (SQL Server, SQL Server CE, Access, Oracle Database, OLEDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite) or from an existing model (ADO.NET Entity Framework, Enterprise Architect, XMI). Thanks to the imported model, you will then be able to create a brand new .NET application or keep on working on the existing one.

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