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CDMATool DFS v17.10.02.00

CDMATool DFS v17.10.02.00
CDMATool DFS v17.10.02.00

Android Tools is the most powerful tool for helping you manage your phone, with the range of its abilities being quite wide and including anything from ADB, Fastboot commands and others.

Tool include runtime ADB executable version selection (for old devices and commands support)
Tool lets you do common android researcher and developer tasks in one click:
One-Click Reboot, Reboot to Fastboot, Reboot to Recovery, Reboot to FTM Reboot to Download and other specific modes your device
Quick Read, Save and Write(some props need Root) android device properties
Send one-click ADB(including shell) & Fastboot commands with ability to save them in a simple scripts
Add your own perfect ‘.bat’ scripts to the scripts folder, Organize and Easy Use your existing scripts with descriptions, grouping, quick search, quick editing and one-click Run
Research, Test, Diagnose, Take bug reports of yours android device using logcat and other commands in runtime
Control your android device(screen, touch broken), take and save screenshots on your PC
Install (sideload) APKs without the Play Store
Explore your android device files(including hidden), open them by one click, copy files, folders, partitions and some system files using quick simple or DD copy command from popup menu
Dump your android device partitions into a flashable image file that you can use to re-flashing your device using fastboot (Rooted device only)
Backup your device settings
Remove device Screen Pattern (Rooted device only)
Try to change device connection mode with known commands (For some need Root)
Quick change connection mode: MTR, MTR+ADB, DM+MODEM+ADB and others
Flash custom and stock Boots, Recoveries
Read SPC, Unlock SIM on Sprint Samsung devices (android ver. 4-6)
Erase Config, Refurbish, Change MID, CID, PID, IMEI, MEID on S-OFF HTC devices
Samsung Tools is the powerful tool for flashing, erasing device partitions, repairing damaged Samsung devices.
For all abilities software use FUS (ODIN, Download) device mode.:
Enter and Exit FUS(ODIN, Download) Mode on your Samsung device by one click
Quick search and Download Firmware files from cdmatool FTP server
Flash phones with firmware files
Flash only selected partitions you want to flash with ability to change flashing order
Re-partition phone filesystem
Flash Roots (need unlocked bootloader)
Repair bricked or software damaged Samsung devices
Read, Explore, Edit and Save to PC your Samsung device Partition Table(PIT)
Write saved PIT
iOS Tools allows you to explore IOS based device, read device settings, explore files, reboot device to any states.
Also, you can program carrier settings on CDMA iPhone 4 and iPad 2 without jailbreak:
One-Click Reboot, Reboot to Recovery(and exit) mode your device
Quick Read and Save IOS device properties
Explore your iOS device files, open them by one click, copy files and folders
Program network carrier settings (SPC, MSL, AKEY/SSDA/SSDB, MIN, MDN, IMSI, NAM, PRL and others) to your CDMA iPhone 4 and iPad 2 without jailbreak(all iOS versions)
Disk Tools allows you to Research your device disk drive Structure;
Create, Save and Write RAW Images of Flash, HDD, Floppy, CD/DVD.
Explore, Parse and Save Qualcomm MIBIP Structure:
Read, Write, Save RAW Images of Flash, HDD, Floppy, CD/DVD drives.
Parse and Save Structures:
Windows MBR(FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), EBR, CD/DVD
Qualcomm MIBIP
Modem Tools created to help you Diagnose, Test, Explore, Change some settings on your device with AT commands.
Software use Modem Port for communicate with device:
Easy-use AT/USSD command Terminal
Explore device reactions on call. sms, etc. on Terminal with build in Modem Port device listener
One click Read main device information
Edit APNs
Write device settings
Manage PC RAS connections
Utility is an collection of useful utilities:
Convert an binary files to hex
Manage s-bin files
Generate an range of pESN by the given MEID
Convert ESN and MEID to decimal/hex view
Calculate pESN, ESN checksum etc
Scan and research the opened network ports

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