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Ranorex Studio 9.0.0

Ranorex Studio 9.0.0
Ranorex Studio 9.0.0

Ranorex Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for .Net framework applications written in C# and VB.Net. Ranorex Studio is based on SharpDevelop, an open source tool. The chapter Recording a Test already explains how to create a new Ranorex Solution. Within a Ranorex Solution different kinds of projects can be created. Ranorex Studio offers easy-to-use test automation tools for creating reliable automated testing projects. Optimize your robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio test any desktop, web or mobile application.

Ranorex is easy-to-use test automation software for developing and managing projects in teams made up of both testers and developers. A step-by-step wizard helps you to set up the test environment and quickly get started. Non-programmers can use the script-free drag & drop functionality, whereas professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their test suites and recordings.

The following paragraphs will explain individual functionality provided by Ranorex Studio:
Adding New Items
Solution Explorer
Code Completion
Code Conversion
Code Navigation
Code Generation

GUI Object Recognition
Ranorex's matchless GUI recognition covers all requirements in terms of accuracy and unique identification. It's okay if your button's shape or color changes... Ranorex will recognize and find your element anyway.

Reuseable Code Modules
Reuse code and action modules across multiple test cases with click & go functionality. This will save you a lot of time when changing multiple test cases.

Early Bug Finding
The little troublemakers that are hiding inside your code don't have a chance. Ranorex's bug tracking feature and click & go test reports will help you to get rid of annoying and time-consuming bugs.

Seamless Integration
Maybe you're already using a continuous integration system or working with a test management tool? No Problem. Ranorex works with a number of different tools.

Record, Pause & Play
Recording tests is that simple! Just press the record button, start your testing and Ranorex remembers all of the steps. Delete redundant steps with an easy-to-use editor.

Platform-independent web testing in grid environments.
As we've optimized our Selenium grid support, you can easily distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers to maximize testing efficiency while minimizing your time spent on testing!

Ranorex Studio 9.0.0 Release

Headline features

Full light and dark themes: Switch between light and dark theme to customize your Ranorex Studio experience
Performance tracing: See in detail how long test operations like repository item searches or mouse/keyboard interactions take and use that information to improve your test
Video reporting: Use video reporting to record videos of either all or just failed test cases
Agent tagging: Categorize your Agents with tags and then use the command line to execute tests on an Agent with that tag
JxBrowser support: You can now automate JxBrowser controls in your application with Ranorex Studio
Dynamic ID recognition for web elements: automatically avoid dynamic IDs in RanoreXPath based on known value and usage patterns
We’ve reduced web test execution time significantly
Shadow DOM support: Ranorex Studio now fully supports shadow DOMs (for Chrome and Firefox browsers)
32-/64-bit Ranorex Studio: Both Ranorex Studio and all its tools are now available as 32- and 64-bit versions

General changes/features

Added object recognition for WPF controls in dynamically loaded AppDomains
Triggering a test run on a Ranorex Agent will now redeploy the test only if it changed from last run
The default installation folder for Ranorex Studio does not have a version number in it anymore
For test suites created with Ranorex Studio 9.0, reports are now placed in the output directory under /Reports/ by default
Ranorex Studio now supports target frameworks up to .NET 4.7.2
Ranorex Studio now supports compiling C# 7.0 and building using MsBuild 15
The new project wizard helps you quickly create test suite projects in a similar way to the solution wizard
Revamped Blank project (formerly New project) and New file dialogs
More reliable mouse-click and mouse-movement behavior on virtual machines
Automatic addition/update of Ranorex assemblies can now be turned on/off
In the Test Suite Runner, you can now refresh data sources and preview the effective dataset
In the Test Suite Runner, you can now manually select the correct test executable for the opened test suite
Ranorex Studio now places links to the actual report files instead of copies in the Reports folder of the project
Running tests now only requires one license per active user session instead of per process


Fixed issue where Key sequence actions didn’t enter characters correctly with Swiss keyboard layout
Removed the misleading ReportLevel.None
Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio would display the Automation Helpers project even if the download or installation failed
Flash/Flex dynamic attributes now also include public class variables in addition to “get” accessors and object properties
Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio would ignore text after a newline in a RawText element
Renamed constants in RxAutomationLib to avoid compiler duplication
Fixed a bug with QtQuick object recognition that could result in rare AUT crashes
Chrome: Fixed duplication of DOM elements when opening a widget window
Edge: Fixed visibility for DOM elements when page has no title and page was opened from a file:// URL
Ranorex Agent doesn’t store upload packages in the %temp% directory anymore
Improved Ranorex Agent CLI support
Ranorex.Libs.Licensing.dll isn’t removed when upgrading to a higher minor version of Ranorex Studio
Test cases with an empty data source are now reported as blocked rather than successful
Fixed a bug in Ranorex Spy where (additional) indexes at the end of a RanoreXPath would be removed when highlighting, refreshing, or changing attributes of the element
Fixed an exception that occurred when dragging and dropping from an external repository into the actions table under certain circumstances
Command line arguments are now properly passed for every run button in Ranorex Studio
XML documentation is now enabled by default for new projects
Items added via the toolbar are now properly added to the selected project
Resolved various compiler warnings for VB projects
Fixed a bug for VB projects where the module browser would incorrectly show a duplicated hierarchyTo turn off root name space generation, set the “vbcodegenconfig.generate.root.namespace” parameter in the Solution.Settings file of your solution to “False”
During debugging, the watch list now properly shows variables with fully qualified names
Fixed a bug where an invalid VS2010 solution file was generated
The dialogs for creating a new solution now handle relative paths properly
Umlaut characters are no longer allowed in file names
Fixed unhandled exception in case of corrupted test suite sequence file (*.rxsqc)
Fixed a bug where formatted empty cells in an Excel data connector weren’t recognized as empty

Breaking changes

Renamed Report.CurrentReportLevel to MinimumReportLevel- use the new property to set the minimum report level
Removed misleading ReportLevel.None- use ReportLevel.Always instead to always show messages – explicitly disable the report instead of setting the report level to None
Screenshots for reports are now always stored in a subdirectory
Test cases with an empty data source are now reported as blocked rather than successful
Dropped integrated source control support for SVN with TortoiseSVN 1.6 installed (1.7 or 1.8 required)
Removed the following APIs that were already marked as deprecated/obsolete in previous versions:- BeginTestCase, EndTestCase, BeginTestCaseSetup, EndTestCaseSetup, BeginTestCaseTeardown, EndTestCaseTeardown – ITestContainerActivity/TestContainerActivity.IterationCount and TestCaseName – ITestIterationActivity/TestContainerActivity/TestEntryContainerActivity/TestModuleActivity.DataRow – Validate.CreateScreenshot enum and Validate.ResultOption.CreateScreenshot property – WpfFlavor.Instance, ExpensiveAttributesEnabled, ForceVirtualItemRealization, UseItemContainerPattern, EnableNativeUiaSupport, UseWinAppDebugMode
The following APIs were marked as deprecated/obsolete:- TestSuiteEntry.Owner, use the Root property instead
When using the JS-accelerated RanoreXPath search feature, the “@visible” attribute only considers CSS visibility, not viewport visibility
When using the JS-accelerated RanoreXPath search feature, CSS property names are not supported in RanoreXPath “@attribute” comparisons

Known issues

Refactoring and code-completion are not fully supported for all C# 7.0 features

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