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GemBox.Spreadsheet is a .NET component that enables you to read, write, edit, convert, and print spreadsheet files from your .NET applications using one simple API. With GemBox.Spreadsheet you get a fast and reliable component that’s easy to use. It requires only the .NET framework, so you can deploy your application easily without having to think about other licenses. And it’s up to 250 times faster than Microsoft Excel automation!

Download your Free version or the Trial version. For the Professional version, which comes with 18 months of free bug fixes and technical support, each developer needs a developer license. We offer a no-risk money back guarantee for 30 days. No need for a subscription; no need for server or OEM licences.

Read Excel files (XLSX, XLS, ODS) files, text files (CSV, TXT), and HTML files.
Write / create and convert to XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, TXT, HTML, PDF, XPS, and image formats.
View and edit spreadsheets in WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and Windows.Forms applications.
Print spreadsheets or charts.
Cell formula calculation engine.
Protect, encrypt, and digitally sign spreadsheets.
Get, create, or edit sheets, rows, columns, cells, formulas, hyperlinks, comments, images, charts, tables, and pivot tables.
Get, create, or edit cell styles and formatting, in-line text formatting, and conditional formatting.
Get, create, or edit headers and footers, grouping and outlining, data validation, sheet protection, document properties, and print and view options.
Get, create, or edit row height and column width, print titles and area, and freeze or split panes.
Import or export spreadsheet data from / to a DataTable.
Search, filter, or sort spreadsheet data.
Preserve unsupported elements including illustrations, shapes, certain charts, macros, smart arts, sparklines, and slicers.
Medium trust support.

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