Workflow Engine for .Net Enterprise v4.0.1 Cracked

Workflow Engine for .Net Enterprise v4.0.1

Workflow Engine for .Net Enterprise v4.0.1
Workflow Engine for .Net Enterprise v4.0.1

Workflow Engine is an ideal solution for companies that would like to integrate a Workflow Designer into their projects and use routing. Basic set of elements allows business users modify workflow schemes by themselves. You can integrate Workflow Engine as an embedded component or via REST API.

Our products will help you create workflow solutions.
We offer many different use-cases, just choose the one that suits you best.

Workflow Engine is a component designed to be fully integrated into your .NET or .NET Core project.

Workflow Engine supports SQL and noSQL databases. You can also choose providers for MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB, Redis and RavenDB. Workflow Engine and Workflow Server are unique solutions with the widest range of features that allow you develop executable workflows of any complexity:

HTML5 visual designer
Design, model, edit and visualize your workflows in a web-browser

Business-oriented scheme elements
Available elements set includes: Activity, Transition, Action, Actor, Command, Timer. Your users will be able to change process schemes by themselves.

Process scheme update
There are two types of running processes schemes update: the old process uses the old scheme and the old process is updated on a new scheme.

Parallel workflow support
Split workflows into branches that execute tasks concurrently

XML import/export
Export your workflows for further reuse and sharing

Localization support
Translate user interface to various languages

We realize that not everyone is a developer, that is why Workflow Engine comes with an inbuilt HTML5 visual designer that allows you easily create interactive workflows of any complexity, there’s no need to draft them programmatically. We utilize the native element to let you design, model, edit and visualize your custom workflows.

Drag & Drop
Drag & drop your workflow activities to the desired location on the canvas without losing connections, or add new transitions between activities.

Fully adapted for business user
Workflow Designer is a simple and user-friendly tool which allows any user to change routes.

Full customization
You can easily change any elements of the Designer - for example, edit form controls.

Workflow Engine offers its users all the components necessary to implement workflows of any complexity and helps them to maintain consistent business processes. Workflow Engine is designed to improve organizational efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to concentrate on job performance rather than workflow management.

Workflow Engine comes with an in-built version control that helps you keep track of any changes introduced to your workflows and revert them upon necessity. Whenever you update a workflow, the engine versions your changes, letting you choose whether you want existing processes to finish running the old version or to force them to run a new one.

Workflow Engine generates versioned XML definition files that are stored in a connected database. Besides, the visual designer allows you to export and import workflows as backups, or for further reuse and sharing.

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