VSDocman v9.1 - a .NET documentation compiler Patched

VSDocman v9.1 - a .NET documentation compiler

VSDocman v9.1 - a .NET documentation compiler
VSDocman v9.1 - a .NET documentation compiler

VSdocman is an ultimate, fast and easy to use .NET documenting tool for every Visual Studio C# and VB developer.

Document your .NET code on a professional level.
Generate comprehensive MSDN-style class documentation for your C# and Visual Basic .NET projects, with custom topics, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help.
See how easy the code commenting with XML doc comments can be with powerful comment templates and sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor.

VSdocman - a .NET documentation compiler - is directly integrated in Visual Studio so it will assist you with complete process of creating a documentation. This includes intelligent semi-automatic commenting of your code elements, creating additional topics (non-API reference) and generating and deploying the documentation.

Based on your settings, VSdocman scans a VS project or a solution, and then it generates the final documentation. It automatically reads namespaces, types and their members. Summary, remarks, parameter descriptions and other content are extracted from XML documentation comments in your code (those that start with /// or '''). The tool will boost your productivity no matter whether you create a class library, a component, a control, an application, a web site (ASP .NET) or any other C#/VB project type.

Move your documenting to the next level


Integration with Visual StudioEverything directly in Visual Studio. Save your time, effort and money. With VSdocman, you can generate documentation from the .NET XML comments with just a single mouse click.

Flexible output formats

VS 2010 documentationCreate professional technical documentation in multiple and localizable formats - HTML, CHM, Microsoft Help Viewer (VS 2013/2012/2010 help), MS Help 2 (VS 2002 - 2008 help), Docx (OOXML format used in MS Word), PDF, XML and others.

Automatic commenting

Automatic insertion of XML commentsLet VSdocman automatically comment your code. Don't author the XML comments and common phrases manually. Intelligent comment templates make it significantly easier to write comments.

Comment editor

Editor for XML documentation commentsMake your XML comments better. Use the WYSIWYG comment editor to insert tables, lists, pictures, links and other formatting directly in your XML doc comments.

Class diagrams

Class diagramAdd clickable class diagrams anywhere in your documentation.

Complete authoring solution

Custom topics in generated documentationCreate a complete end-user manual with your own topics, such as overview, examples, license agreement, usage descriptions, etc.

VS help integration

Fully integrate generated help into Visual Studio help system including IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help. Your assemblies will look like a part of the .NET framework.

Simple deployment

Easily deploy and register the documentation on target computers. No more troubles during installation.

Command line mode

Generate documentation in a command line mode during your automated builds.

Learn more about VSdocman features.

What you get with VSdocman:

All in one solution. You can create complex comments, generate VS documentation and then deploy and register it. Everything directly from Visual Studio.
Professional documentation of your code can be created in seconds for your customers, clients, you and your co-developers.
Consistency. All changes in the code are automatically reflected in newly generated documentation, which is always up to date and accurate.
Documentation in various formats and languages can be produced with just a few mouse clicks.
Efficient communication within a team, especially when a source control is used (e.g. TFS, Subversion, GIT or SourceSafe). Each developer comments his part of code. Everybody in the team can then see the comments, get an on-line help and use IntelliSense tooltips to easily understand the code.
The source code is precisely commented and looks professional.
VSdocman works as an extension for:

Visual Studio 2017 - all editions except for Express edition
Visual Studio 2015 - all editions except for Express edition
Visual Studio 2013 - all editions except for Express edition
Visual Studio 2012 - all editions except for Express edition
VSdocman requires .NET framework 4.5 or higher (it is installed with VS 2012 or higher).

Documented projects may target any .NET framework, including 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 4.6.

Version 9.1

CHANGE: Generated CHM files are now able to show HTML5 and CSS3 content. This will affect only users who customize their CHM output. The CHM viewer in Windows uses very old IE7 mode by default. This is the reason why HTML topics in a CHM file cannot use many modern HTML and CSS features. This change instructs the viewer to use the latest IE version installed, which is IE11 in most cases. This allows you to customize the CHM output, for example with vsdocman_overrides.css file (see VSdcoman manual for details) and use e.g. the :before CSS selector for inserting a custom text or image in the header.
FIX: In VS 2019, the VSdocman context menu entries for C# or VB files were sometimes not present, if VSdocman was not loaded yet. Moreover, this fix can improve your VS performance in VS 2019, 2017 and 2015. Previously, VSdocman was automatically loaded when a solution was opened. Even if VSdocman wasn't used at all. Now it is loaded only when you click on VSdcoman button or menu item.
FIX: The incorrect "internal" accessibility was assigned to partial class, struct or interface definitions that had no explicit access modifier, e.g. "partial class C1". Instead, the accessibility should be taken from other partial definitions with an explicit access modifier, e.g. "public partial class C1". This could cause problems, if you selected not to include internal members in the documentation. In such a case, all members and comments from these partial definitions were not compiled. This problem only affected C#, it worked fine in VB.

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