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Kellerman .NET Word Reports v1.12.0.0

Kellerman .NET Word Reports v1.12.0.0
Kellerman .NET Word Reports v1.12.0.0

.NET Word Reports by Kellerman Software allows you to create Word files without having Word installed. There is no dependency on Word at all. Easily create reports by performing a simple search and replace on Word documents. Word Reports has intelligent formatting defaults. The defaults can be overridden. Everything can be done in memory with input and output streams. It is simple to insert images and tables into word documents. Word Reports has powerful functionality at a price everyone can afford.

//To run this example code, create a word document called ExampleTemplate.docx with the text [ReplaceMe] in the document

WordReportsGenerator generator = new WordReportsGenerator(); //Trial Mode

//WordReportsGenerator generator = new WordReportsGenerator("place user name here", "place license key here"); //License Mode

const string sourceDocumentPath = @"Test Documents\ExampleTemplate.docx";

const string outputDocumentPath = "ExampleOutput.docx";

Dictionary replacement = new Dictionary { { "[ReplaceMe]", new ReplacementItem { Value = "This is a test" } } };

generator.GenerateWordReport(sourceDocumentPath, outputDocumentPath, replacement);

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