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Kellerman Installerific v1.0.0.0

Kellerman Installerific v1.0.0.0
Kellerman Installerific v1.0.0.0

Build Three Different Types of Installers
It has the ability to create a Portable Application Installer for the platform that can be used by any license type, including Commercial applications. It has the ability to automatically submit to the commercial marketplace for free.
It can create an entire installer package for and automatically submit it.
It can create a standard Windows Installer exe to be used on any PC from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

Why Installerific is better
The product web page and file information for your application is used to fill in defaults, speeding up the install creation process.
The freeware Installer and Launcher for is nearly impossible to use. It requires extensive studying of their platform and manual creation of INI files. It also does not allow commercial applications to be built with it. Installerific allows you to create a portable installer in under five minutes. Your commercial application can be listed for free on commercial marketplace.
Creating a Chocolatey installer manually requires extensive knowledge of the Chocolatey NuSpec and Powershell. Installerific builds the installer, uninstaller, power shell scripts, nuspec file and packages it up.
Creating a Windows Installer manually with the Microsoft Scripted Install language is difficult.

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