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VsIncrementer 2017.1.4.838

VsIncrementer 2017.1.4.838
VsIncrementer 2017.1.4.838

Increment the version attribute fields (and much, much more) in your solution/product(s) automagically via your specification. Auto increment the build/revision/etc. fields. VsIncrement is a full featured Visual Studio extension. See our website for a complete list of features...

VsIncrement is a Visual Studio Extension that provides a fully configurable auto version increment (and much, much more) capability for your each project in your solution. Simply stated, configure once and forget it! VsIncrement takes care of the rest.

VsIncrement automatically detects the location of the AssemblyInfo file for each project in your solution. You can configure the extension to automatically increment any attribute (AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, and/or AssemblyInformationalVersion) in the AssemblyInfo file.

You can configure VsIncrement to use global, solution, or per project settings. Project settings store in the AssemblyInfo file, so you can safely work in team environments, where developers do not have VsIncrement.

The current version works with C#, VB.Net C++, and F#.

Different auto increment styles can be set per major, minor, build, or revision fields
C#/VB.Net/C++ projects with preliminary F#
Configurable on solution and/or project level
Configurable on build type (debug and/or release)
Configurable on build action (build, rebuild all, clean, and/or deploy)
One less piece of development to worry about
Product support! If you have an issue, contact us
Updated versions to work with new versions of Visual Studio, as released
Edit version attribute values directly in the dialog without the need to open the AssemblyInfo file. (F2)
Synchronize all version attributes to one selected. (F3)
Supports Version, File, and Informational version attributes.
Actions include Time Stamp, Year Stamp, Delta Base Date, and much more.
UTC/GMT or local time stamp support
Custom project configurations
Ability to synchronize the source manifest version attribute for VSIX projects with the AssemblyInfo version.
See the website for all the other features.

Only for V.I.P
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