Mail.dll - .NET email component (IMAP, POP3, S/MIME) - emails, UNIQUE, support, component, email, received, sending, Windows, applications

Mail.dll - .NET email component (IMAP, POP3, S/MIME)

Mail.dll - .NET email component (IMAP, POP3, S/MIME)
Mail.dll - .NET email component (IMAP, POP3, S/MIME)

IMAP component and POP3 component that allows to receive emails and process emails in .NET applications, in C# and VB.NET. Includes SMTP component for sending emails, along with signing emails and encrypting emails. Supports signature verification and decryption for received emails. Written entirely in managed code. Works with .NET 2.0-4.6.2, 4.7+, 4.8+, Mono, Windows Phone and Windows Store, .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Standard 2.0+.

IMAP client for receiving emails, POP3 client for receiving emails, SMTP client for sending emails in a single package
UNIQUE Email component includes most reliable MIME parser on the market
UNIQUE Covered with 5,500+ unit and integration tests
Fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange (all versions), Office 365, Gmail, Dovecot, hMailServer and others
IMAP SSL/TLS, SMTP SSL/TLS, POP3 SSL/TLS are all supported
TLS 1.2 support
Automatic email attachment encoding/decoding
S/MIME: sending signed emails, sending encrypted emails
S/MIME: received signed emails validation, received emails decryption
UNIQUE Received emails DKIM validation and signing
UNIQUE iCalendar appointments and vCard support
Easy Outlook .msg files processing and .msg to MIME converter
TNEF support (decodes winmail.dat files)
Create attachments from a file or byte array
Secure login (APOP, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5 support)
Proxy support: HTTP and Socks proxy (Socks5, Socks4, Socks4a)
IMAP IDLE: push email support for IMAP client
UNIQUE Template engine support
Support for displaying emails in Windows applications
UNIQUE OAuth 2.0 for web sites (ASP.NET) and OAuth 2.0 for installed applications support
UNIQUE 2-legged OAuth and 3-legged OAuth support (including Gmail API helpers)
UNIQUE IMAP protocol Gmail extensions
Bounce handlingfor emails received with IMAP and POP3
Bayesian spam filter (over 99.5% accuracy)
UNIQUE Build-in HTML email to plain text email converter

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