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Ranorex Studio 9.1.0

Ranorex Studio 9.1.0
Ranorex Studio 9.1.0

Ranorex Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for .Net framework applications written in C# and VB.Net. Ranorex Studio is based on SharpDevelop, an open source tool. The chapter Recording a Test already explains how to create a new Ranorex Solution. Within a Ranorex Solution different kinds of projects can be created. Ranorex Studio offers easy-to-use test automation tools for creating reliable automated testing projects. Optimize your robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio test any desktop, web or mobile application.

Ranorex is easy-to-use test automation software for developing and managing projects in teams made up of both testers and developers. A step-by-step wizard helps you to set up the test environment and quickly get started. Non-programmers can use the script-free drag & drop functionality, whereas professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their test suites and recordings.

The following paragraphs will explain individual functionality provided by Ranorex Studio:
Adding New Items
Solution Explorer
Code Completion
Code Conversion
Code Navigation
Code Generation

GUI Object Recognition
Ranorex's matchless GUI recognition covers all requirements in terms of accuracy and unique identification. It's okay if your button's shape or color changes... Ranorex will recognize and find your element anyway.

Reuseable Code Modules
Reuse code and action modules across multiple test cases with click & go functionality. This will save you a lot of time when changing multiple test cases.

Early Bug Finding
The little troublemakers that are hiding inside your code don't have a chance. Ranorex's bug tracking feature and click & go test reports will help you to get rid of annoying and time-consuming bugs.

Seamless Integration
Maybe you're already using a continuous integration system or working with a test management tool? No Problem. Ranorex works with a number of different tools.

Record, Pause & Play
Recording tests is that simple! Just press the record button, start your testing and Ranorex remembers all of the steps. Delete redundant steps with an easy-to-use editor.

Platform-independent web testing in grid environments.
As we've optimized our Selenium grid support, you can easily distribute your tests across different operating systems and browsers to maximize testing efficiency while minimizing your time spent on testing!

Ranorex Studio 9.1.0 Release

Headline features

Jira integration: Connect your solution to Jira and create issues for test cases manually or automatically
You can now easily bind the return value of user code modules to a variable
All new test progress dialog with better looks and more info
Whitelist (both in plugin settings and in the whitelist pad) and blacklist are now case insensitive and allow regex statements

General changes/features

Redesigned technology limitation messages to be easier to notice and understand
Improved recording and replaying stability of the Key sequence action
RanoreXPath generation now uses the StartsWith operator instead of regex, making long paths easier to read
Improved RanoreXPath generation for similar top-level elements, e.g. if multiple AUT instances are running at the same time
The error message for when an element couldn’t be found now shows what exact part of the RanoreXPath failed for easier troubleshooting
Improved project upgrading for new Ranorex Studio versions by minimizing file changes and allowing you to ignore version conflicts
ReportEnvironment now has the properties ReportVideoFolderName and *Path that allow you to get the folder where the videos for video reporting are stored
You can now get the JSON configuration of a WebDriver endpoint at runtime through code
The remote pad now has a search bar that allows you to search for Agents based on their attributes, e.g. tags, name, hostname, etc.
Standalone tools now also use the theme set under Tools > Options… in Ranorex Studio
The Run application action now provides a flag to run the specified application without elevation (i.e. without admin privileges)
The Run application action now returns the process ID of the started application for use in the Close application action
The setting “Show invisible characters in report” is no longer test-suite specific, but now applies to the entire solution
The “Use cache” property for manually created repository app folders is now set to False by default
Ranorex Magic Merger now also handles auto-generated code files if under git source control. However, you must still rebuild the solution if such files were affected
Upgraded Ranorex Automation Helpers to v1.5.3, including Ranorex.ReportToPdf 1.0.16
The editor for simple data tables now allows copy & paste of multiple cells from an Excel table
The same constant value is now allowed multiple times within a data binding
Added support for Java 12
Updated the Apktool for Android instrumentation to the newest 2.4.0 master build


Changed IME mode such that when the IME is used during a recording, all key presses are deleted at the end of the recording. Only text entered via the IME will be recorded
Fixed mouse movement issues caused by Windows 10 1809
Fixed an unhandled exception caused by unauthorized access when listing reports in the projects view
Fixed a bug in in the iOS plugin where framework info.plist files without a CfBundleExe key caused a crash during instrumentation
Fixed the “safeclass” attribute not being fetched correctly for most web elements
Improved visibility attribute calculation for web elements nested inside of “display: none” blocks
Fixed a bug that crashed Spy when detecting dynamic IDs on JS generated iframes
Fixed a bug in the Firefox extension which caused iframe content not to be recognized if it was set by contentDocument.location.href
Fixed some numeric property values not being available in IE/Edge for certain HTML tags (meter/progress/input/option/img)
Added missing HTML5 tags to the WebPlugin capability: template, picture, track, main, dialog, data
Fixed a memory leak in the WpfProxy causing memory not to be released in the AUT
Running a test on an Agent now always produces a report, even if no license could be acquired. This makes troubleshooting licensing issues easier
Fixed a bug where recording variables were sometimes incorrectly displayed as “not in use” when they were in fact in use in the repository
Image-based recording is no longer turned off when entering/exiting validation mode
When aborting a test by closing the console window, the report is now created properly
Fixed a bug where screenshots were taken for non-failing activities if the activity was ended programmatically from user code
Fixed a bug where activating video reporting would cause a console window to be created even if the project was built as a non-console application
Fixed a bug which prevented video reporting from working if test cases contained illegal file/path characters
Fixed toolbar button images in Ranorex Studio being cut off on some operating systems with 120 DPI
Fixed a bug where the most recent changes of a recording action were not applied when instantly running the selected action after the change
Fixed a bug where the path to MsBuild 15 was calculated incorrectly after installing Visual Studio 2019
Fixed occasional unhandled exception when clicking the Delete button in the Recorder control center
Building a solution in Ranorex Studio now only copies the runtime to the output directory again if it’s outdated
Fixed very long solution load times for large source files under source control
Fixed a bug that caused duplicate lines to be inserted in .csproj/.vbproj file
Fixed an unhandled exception in the debugger that occurred if certain member methods couldn’t be resolved while running a test
Fixed an unhandled exception when converting between C# and VBNet for projects with long names
Solution items that were open when you closed a solution are now reopened when you open the solution again
Fixed a bug where inactive run configurations were not saved correctly after adding test containers
Fixed an unhandled exception when using “Inspect in Spy” in maintenance mode

Breaking changes

The minimum .NET Framework version to install and set as compilation target framework was changed to .NET 4.6.2. The Framework is automatically installed if not already present and the target framework for projects
is automatically upgraded when opened in Ranorex Studio.
Ranorex Studio 9.1.0 requires Ranorex Agent 6.0.0 or newer.
We removed the functionality to directly add a whole process to the GDI capture list using the context menu from the Spy element tree, as this could lead to unnecessary and possibly unstable usage of GDI elements. In general, simply add specific classnames to the GDI capture list. If you still need to add a whole process to the GDI capture list for backwards compatibility, please use the GDI capture settings.
The setting “Show Invisible Characters” now applies to the entire solution instead of just the test suite. If you had this setting
disabled on a previous Ranorex version, please disable it again in the settings.
Additionally, change all references to ReportSettings.ShowInvisibleChars to Ranorex.Configuration.Current.Report.ShowInvisibleCharacters
The ProgressForm.Instance and InstanceHandle properties are no longer available. If you want to show/hide the form or
set its opacity from code, use the corresponding static methods Show, Hide, or SetOpacity.
The option to instrument Flash/Flex in Chrome was removed from the instrumentation wizard due to Chrome limitations.
Use the manual pre-instrumentation option to automate Flash/Flex in Chrome.

Known issues

The improved ElementNotFoundException error message does not return the exact location of the failed step if the path search
was delegated to JS for web element searches with JS acceleration enabled

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