Download BCGControlBar for .NET v7.0.1.0 Cracked Full Version

BCGControlBar for .NET v7.0.1.0 Cracked

BCGControlBar for .NET v7.0.1.0 Cracked
BCGControlBar for .NET v7.0.1.0 Cracked

BCGControlBar Library for .NET is 100% managed code toolkit which is written in C++/CLI and targeting Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher. The library contains a number of highly customizable, fully designable components that enable you to create the most sophisticated user interface. The library includes fully-customizable Office 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016-style toolbars and menus, VS 2005/2008/2010/2015-style docking bars, Office 2007/2010/2013/2016-style ribbons, auto hide control bars, MDI tabs, flexible visualization managers and more.

General Ribbon Features
"Ribbon" control was introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007. It's not just a new control - it's a new user interface ideology. Ribbon control replaces traditional toolbars and menus with tabbed groups (Categories). Each tab is logically split into Panels and each panel may contain various controls and command buttons. In addition, Ribbon control provides smart layout maximally utilizing the available space. For example, if a Panel has been stretched and has no place to display all available controls, it becomes a menu button which can display sub-items on a popup menu.

Microsoft VS 2012-2019 Look
The library provides you with all components necessary to build an application with MicrosoftVisual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017/2019 look (Light, Dark and Blue color themes).

In addition, a developer can set a theme accent color. By default, the status bar and all highlighted/focused elements have a blue color, but you can change it according to your preferences (Light and Dark styles only).

Microsoft Office 2013 Look
The library provides Microsoft Office 2013 look and feel for application components. This is a totally skinned interface that can be applied to the various set of controls such as ribbons, menus, toolbars, docking panes and more. The key features of this style are:
Flat, Windows 8/10-style UI.
Full-screen backstage view with a "back" circular button.
Large docking pane and application frame captions.
Using accent color in the status bar, application button, backstage view and highlighted GUI elements.
Ribbon background image support

Customizable toolbars and menus
Library offers a powerful and simple mechanism of toolbars/menu customization similar to Microsoft Office and Visual Studio. User can simply drag/drop buttons between toolbars and menus. All categories such as "File" or "Edit" are automatically built from the application resources. The customization mechanism allows modification of toolbar/menu items appearance, changing the item text/icon and even creation/modification images using the library's Image Editor. All these features are automatically provided by the library, so no additional code is required.

General Grid Features
The Grid control supports the most of standard grid features.

Unlimited number of items in a row
Sorting by a single column
Sorting by multiple columns
Hide/Show columns
Integrated Field Chooser
Drag & drop columns
In-place cell editing
Single and multiple row selection
Single and multiple item (grid cell) selection
Copy data to clipboard
Cells Drag and Drop support
Keyboard navigation
In-place tooltips
Column resizing
Row resizing - variable row height (for .NET)
Row headers with or without row numbers.
Read-only mode
Easy integration with Document / View architecture (MFC).
Authentic Excel look and feel.
Automatically generated rows and columns (for .NET)
Export to HTML and RTF
Cell borders - thick and thin borders with different line styles (for .NET)
Text over floating - text is drawn over adjoining cells if they are empty (for .NET)
Text wrapping and trimming.
Table style formatting
Find dialog
Watermark image support
Grid Cell notification badge

Gauges Overview
The library has a various types of the gauges that allows to developer create a digital dashboards. The following gauge types are implemented:

Circular Gauges
Linear Gauges
Knob Controls
Switch Control
Radial Menus
Rotation Controls
Circular Progress Indicator
Numeric Indicators
Color Indicators
Text Labels
Image Indicators
Analog Clock

Integration Wizard
The Integration Wizard sets up the Application Wizard and updates the path settings.

In addition, the Wizard provides a simple way to build all required library configurations.

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